U.S. Putting Pressure On Israel To Make Peace

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March 9, 2005

Israel Under Fire Over Settlements As US Adds Pressure
AFP via Yahoo! News
Wed, 09 Mar 2005 7:50 AM PST
A report slamming Israel for building scores of illegal West Bank outposts has become a political hot potato as the United States increases pressure on the Jewish state to end all settlement activity.

Israel, Palestinians Dispute Handover
AP via Yahoo! News
Wed, 09 Mar 2005 7:22 AM PST
Israeli and Palestinian security commanders failed to reach agreement Wednesday on the handover of this West Bank town to Palestinian security control, participants said, a new setback to a truce agreement meant to end four years of fighting.

Ex-PM: Hezbollah Rally In Beirut A Massive Hoax
WorldNet Daily
Wed, 09 Mar 2005 6:40 AM PST
JERUSALEM -- The giant Hezbollah rally that drew nearly half a million purported supporters of Syria's occupation of Lebanon actually was a staged hoax with non-Lebanese citizens, Syrian workers, students and municipal employees coerced into joining the protest, former Lebanese Prime Minister Michel Aoun told WorldNetDaily in an exclusive interview this morning.

US Image Problems Just One Obstacle On The Anti-Terror Front
AFP via Yahoo! News Wed, 09 Mar 2005 7:14 AM PST
Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is key to the wider issue of global peace and security, but mistrust of the United States is hamstringing the process in the Arab world, a conference on tackling terrorism in Madrid was told.

The U.S. is putting tremendous pressure on Israel to give into the demands of the Arab world.  Donít get me wrong I believe this must be, and seemingly, will play right into the hands of the Arabs, but in the end Israel will be miraculously delivered.   

Look for the U.S. to continue pressuring Israel and to pump money into effort.  But donít expect the Arab world to buy into the U.S. plan; they have a real trust problem with them.  But this is of God and will eventually force the U.S. to step behind the scenes and bring the E.U. to the forefront.  If this is the peace plan you can bet the antichrist he will surface in time.   

Of course, Israel has their own trust problem with the E.U., but with the recent partnership theyíve developed (ENPI), look for that to be remedied in time.  The truth is they will be fooled along with the rest of the world.

This is an exciting year for prophecy and I look for Middle East peace to go ahead as planned.  Yes, there maybe a few setbacks along the way but I truly believe something earthshaking is about to happen very soon.

Pastor Malone

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