Core Europe Idea Resurfaces

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June 4, 2005

Core Europe Idea Resurfaces
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The EU is struggling to produce a unified response to both the fact and the scale of the Dutch rejection of the treaty, which has produced a crisis that is unprecedented and to which there is no obvious problem-solving Plan B.

Reports have already emerged that Berlin is once again looking at the idea of a core Europe.

Israel Says Sharon To Meet Abbas In Jerusalem
AFP via Yahoo! News
Fri, 03 Jun 2005 11:40 AM PDT
Ariel Sharon's office announced that the summit between the Israeli premier and Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas later this month will take place in Jerusalem, an historic first.

Italian Minister Calls For Return Of Lira
ROME - Italy's labor minister called for a referendum to see if Italians want to temporarily bring back the lira after widespread popular discontent over high prices that many blame on the introduction of the euro.

The idea was promptly dismissed Friday by both the European Commission and leaders of Italy's governing coalition, and currency markets shrugged off the news.

Conservatives In Britain Urge EU Leaders To Seize Chance To Reshape Europe
The main opposition Conservative Party urged European Union leaders on Friday to lay the EU constitution to rest, but insisted on a referendum in Britain if they decide to press on with its ratification.

Conservative leader Michael Howard said this week's double "no" votes in France and Holland provided a "tremendous opportunity" to reshape the 25-nation bloc, making it more responsive to the wishes of Europe's citizens.

EU Has Not Broken Down: European Parliament Head
2005-06-03 08:37:13 The president of the European Parliament, Spaniard Josep Borrell, on Friday called for calm reflection following the EU constitution "no" votes in France and the Netherlands, insisting the bloc had not "broken down."

EU Crisis Could 'Complicate' Balkan Enlargement
2005-06-03 07:58:30 The European Union's constitution crisis could complicate provisional plans to welcome a string of Balkan countries into the bloc, a spokeswoman conceded Friday.

Norway's Eurosceptics See Dramatic Turnaround After 'No' Votes: Poll
2005-06-03 03:36:00 Norway's opponents of European Union membership have posted a dramatic turnaround in support following French and Dutch voters' rejection of a draft EU constitution, a poll in daily Aftenposten showed on Friday.

Germany Signals Readiness To Compromise On EU Budget
Germany has signaled it is willing to compromise on the EU budget reflecting a general feeling among member states that failure to finalise a budget deal later this month would compound the perception that Europe is in crisis and can no longer take decisions.

Report: Russia Warns on Space Weapons
Taking aim at the United States, Russia's defense minister Thursday threatened retaliatory steps if any country puts weapons in space and said Moscow won't negotiate controls over tactical nuclear arms with nations that deploy them abroad, Russian media reported...

There is renewed talk of a core E.U. that would only include the founding nations and a few others who are ready to go forward with the constitution.  This would consist of the six founding members Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.  You can bet the U.K., Spain, Greece and few others will also join the list.

Where this will ultimately end up is anyone's guess, but here are my thoughts.  I would like to think that the E.U. would eventually be shaved down to ten nations as the Bible has foretold.  At some point it will.  

Of course, somewhere along the line a great leader will arise and lead this end time powerhouse into the tribulation period. It's also possible that God has orchestrated this crisis to solve both the Middle East peace accord and the E.U. Constitution woes.  When the antichrist does come on the scene he will change the world, and for a moment, bring it back to a sense of calm and prosperity.

There's also another option we tend to forget.  Christianís maybe raptured out before things begin to get to recognizable.  In my opinion this is the direction that makes the most sense Biblically.  Certainly I believe that Christian's and the Holy Spirit must depart before satan can do his work (II Thessalonians 2:1-12) but it maybe before things begin to take shape.

One of my readers informed me last night that another prophesy website predicted that the rapture would take place midnight last night.  I wrote him back and asked him midnight whoís time?  Iím not sure that God is scheduling His events according to U.S. time.

My point is the rapture could have taken place years ago or tomorrow or years from now (but not too many).  What has happened over the last five even ten years did not have to take place before the rapture could occur.  Certainly weíre no closer to seeing peace in the Middle East than we were ten years ago.  And even if peace is established that doesnít necessarily mean it will turn out to be the seven-year peace agreement with the antichrist.

On top of that, the bloc of nations believed by most conservative Bible scholars to be the future kingdom (E.U.) of the antichrist is on the verge of collapse.  I donít believe they will fold up entirely but I do see major changes coming.  Again, as far as prophetic progress is concerned it seems we have taken a major step backwards from ten years ago.  But it is all in Godís timing.

E.U. leaders plan to hold their next quarterly summit in Brussels on June 16-17.  Number one on the agenda will certainly be the constitution.  Iíll try to keep you up to date on the results of the meeting.  If you run across some information you think I should know please email it to me.

Pastor Malone

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