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June 26, 2005

Gaza Settlers Scuffle With Troops Over Demolition
Reuters via Yahoo! News Sun, 26 Jun 2005 7:48 AM PDT
Jewish settlers scuffled on Sunday with Israeli soldiers sent to demolish abandoned buildings the army fears could be used as redoubts to fight the planned withdrawal from Gaza.

Israel Approves Settler Relocation Plan
Reuters via Yahoo! News Sun, 26 Jun 2005 5:45 AM PDT
Israel's cabinet agreed on Sunday to a controversial plan allowing settlers evacuated from the Gaza Strip to move together to a new coastal community, a step that could help dampen resistance to the evacuation.

U.S. To Israel: Stop Expanding Settlements
AP via Yahoo! News Sun, 26 Jun 2005 8:23 AM PDT
The United States has turned up the pressure on Israel to stop expanding West Bank settlements, Israeli officials said Sunday. In the Gaza Strip, military bulldozers began flattening former resort homes to prevent pullout opponents from occupying them.

I have been receiving emails from all over the world from readers who are convinced they know who the antichrist is.  I have to confess I've thrown a few names around in my day but I admit it could be anyone in the E.U.  Frankly, it could be anyone of the rotating presidents of the E.U.  Could it be someone outside of the rotating presidency?  I doubt it unless they are voted in as one of the permanent presidents after the constitution is ratified. 

Who is the antichrist?  I don’t know and neither does anyone else.  I’ve had many people write me just emphatic that it was this ruler or that.  Actually, the most compelling piece of information sent to me lately was about British Prime Minister Tony Blair.  This is what the article said:

“When Tony Blair took to the floor of the European Parliament his officials, muttering about Daniel and the lions den, expected him to get the roughest of rides.

Just 24 hours earlier, European MPs had given a lengthy standing ovation to Jean-Claude Juncker, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, after he denounced Mr. Blair for derailing last Fridays EU summit and accused him of being determined to turn their shared dream of a politically united Europe into a free-trade zone.

His declaration that he was a passionate pro-European was indeed greeted with boos. But then something unexpected happened: the jeers became drowned out by cheers and clapping. It was symbolic of how the mood has swung, one British official said.

Mr. Blair may not have stormed the Bastille, but wielding his motto modernize or die, he had stormed the temple of European federalism.

By yesterday morning, Mr. Blair had become the toast of Europe. The British may have become cynical about his Honest Tony oratory and big-tent politics, but on the unsuspecting mainland, they still worked their magic. Just as Mr. Blair is most enfeebled at home, across the EU he is being hailed as the natural leader of the continent: the only man who can save Europe from itself.

Italian politicians hailed Tony Blair’s vision of Europe, and declared that a new Rome-London axis would provide the driving force of the new EU, replacing the exhausted Franco-German motor. Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister, said last night: Europe must reform, as Prime Minister Blair says, and I am in total accord with him.  Piero Fassino, leader of the Democrats of the Left, the main opposition party, said that Mr. Blair was charting the way for Europe.”,,13509-1668302,00.html

It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he turned out to be the antichrist.  In my estimation he would be a perfect fit.  If you have read my articles on Revelation 17 you know that I believe that the European Union (beast) and the United States (great whore riding the beast/Mystery Babylon) will forge a bond in the last days.  Who better to create that bond than Tony Blair.  The U.S. will be number one and rule the world and the kingdom of the antichrist (E.U.) will be number two.  In the end he will betray the U.S. and destroy them (Revelation 17 & 18).

The Power Of satan
One thing people seem to keep forgetting is satan has been granted a tremendous amount of power that can be squashed or greatly enhanced in a moments notice to meet the will of God.  The antichrist may or may not be waiting in the wings being groomed.

Some believe that satan will give birth to his son (antichrist).  Unfortunately, satan is a (fallen) angel and angels were not made with the physical characteristics necessary to reproduce. 

Others believe he will possess a man and wield his power through him.  This is probably the more likely scenario.  

When the rapture does take place it will shock the world.  Not only will it shock the world, I believe it will also take satan by surprise.  I am convinced that satan has no idea that he is living in the last days.  

Personally, I believe he is grooming his man (antichrist) and the false prophet to shortly takeover the world and he doesn't have any idea that God's plan is about ready to take control.  But again satan could make his selection in a moments notice as he did Judas (Luke 22:1-6). 

Of course, many of you who are reading this are thinking, "What in the world is he talking about!  Isn't satan and God about ready to go head to head in the war of wars?"  As far as satan is concerned he has determined that now is the right time for him to institute his plan.  satan fully believes that he is about to surprise God with the introduction of his earthly kingdom.  Unfortunately for satan, God knew his plans before the world was formed.  

So what am I saying?  I'm saying that we don't understand the mind of God, but we do know this, you can't outsmart God.  God merely looked into the future or manipulated satan into doing His will (in His time) or anyone of a thousand combinations.  satan will act and respond according to the will of God and will only understand what he is allowed to understand.  Simply put, he can't understand his next thought unless the Lord grants him that understanding.

I have had many ask me the question, "Don't you think satan has the ability to read the Bible or to look at prophecy websites such as your own?"  Not unless God grants him the wisdom and the ability to do so.  What many seem to overlook is satan is a created being, an angel, that does not have full knowledge nor does he know the future.  Take a look at I Peter 1:12 which is talking about salvation.

"Unto whom it was revealed, that not unto themselves, but unto us they did minister the things, which are now reported unto you by them that have preached the gospel unto you with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven; which things the angels desire to look into."

This verse explains that angels desire to look into salvation but have not been granted the ability to do so.  They long to know more but God has hidden it from them.  According to this verse they are still in the dark to this day.  Yes, demons do know that they are appointed for judgment someday, but when, they are unsure of (Matthew 8:29).

I believe that satan is about to unveil his master plan not knowing God has His own plan in the works.  About the time satan presents his unholy trinity God will rapture the church.  As I said, I believe the rapture will completely take satan by surprise, but he will also realize that his enemy (the Holy Spirit) is no longer opposing him.  He will finally be free to do his will...he thinks.  

His first concern will be to develop his kingdom.  Although the world will initially be in hysteria, satan will quickly restore calm with one of his many lies.  Without the hand of God and protecting power of the Holy Spirit the world will be no match and will fall prey to the deceptions of satan.  This world will quickly fall deep into apostasy (II Thessalonians 2:3).

At the same time, satan will work quickly to put the necessary pieces in place.  Many believe that satan is already at this time grooming the antichrist and false prophet.  That could be true but it's certainly not necessary.  satan could be causing them to succeed according to his timetable without them even knowing it.  On the other hand, they could already know who they are and be awaiting their time.  It is also possible that the spirit of antichrist will merely possess the body of an international leader and be propelled to world prominence by satan.  It doesn't really matter, anyone of these scenarios would fulfill his plan.

If you haven’t already you should take a look at this article The Antichrist And His Activities Complete description.  It will give you much more insight into the description of the antichrist according to the Bible. 

Pastor Malone