Tips On Selecting A Bible Believing Church


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July 12, 2005

I have been having trouble finding a Bible believing church.  I like what you are teaching and believe you are speaking the truth.  That is difficult to find. What tips do you have that can help me find a church that speaks the truth?

The best thing to do when searching for the right church is to pray and ask the Lord to direct your search every time you search.  Your search should be daily meaning that you need to keep your ears and eyes open to what friends and family say.  Ask questions! 
Don't just limit your visitation of churches to Sunday morning service.  You should be visiting churches Sunday morning and night, and if possible, Wednesday for Bible study.  Actually, Wednesday is a very good day to visit since theoretically this is when the Bible is studied more in depth.

Also, listen to your local Christian radio (and television) stations for clues that will help you in determining which church is right for you.  Many times local ministers will preach on the radio.  Listen to their sermons.  This will tell you what they believe.  If you can discern the truth of what I teach over the internet you will certainly be able to figure out what a local minister believes by listening.

Finally, when you make a choice, stay in tune with the Word and listen carefully to what the Lord has to say about this person.  Ask Him to reveal things about this minister and church that would confirm or cause you to reject the church.  Not every church is right for you.    If a church turns out not to be right don't get discouraged and stop searching.  That's where most people make their mistake...of course, that could just be an excuse.  Stay focused and remain steadfast in your search.
I hope this has helped you.
Pastor Malone