Question On The Mark Of The Beast

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September 30th, 2001


I heard this week that Tony Blair has an 85% approval rate in Great Britain for the issuing of I.D. cards in order to buy or sell. I also heard that our president has a 70% approval rate & is sitting on his desk to be signed for an I.D. card for everyone here in America supposedly to ease terrorism. This sounds a lot like the mark of the beast. Could I please get your interpretation?

Thank you,




This isn't the mark of the beast because he who declares such a decree will also claim to be God, and that will be the sole reason for issuing such a markůto force worship and allegiance from all mankind. The false prophet will also bring a statue to life that will command that everyone on earth take the mark or face death (Rev. 13).

When the antichrist comes to power there will be no need for interpretation or explanation. You will either think he is a god or you won't. Most will be fooled, but not to the extent that they will believe he is God The Father or the Messiah. For many times during the Trumpet and Bowl judgments, those of the earth will look to heaven and curse the true God of heaven. They will not repent (Rev. 9:20-21). This is a sad state that man will find himself, recognizing the God of heaven, only to reject and curse His holy name (Rev. 16: 9-11).

Terry Malone

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