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October 9th, 2001

America has responded quickly and decisively in their strikes against the Taliban government. No one denies that force was necessary to protect and send a strong message to those who maybe planning future attacks on the U.S.

President Bush has put the world on notice that he is serious about fighting terrorism. Today he sent representatives to the U.N. to officially state his position.

WASHINGTON (AP) - "The United States has formally notified the U.N. Security Council that counter terrorism attacks may be extended beyond Afghanistan.

A legal document sent Sunday to the council reaffirmed the attack on the Taliban was an act of self-defense under the U.N. charter and said the United States reserves the right to strike at terrorist cells beyond the South Asian country, a senior administration official told The Associated Press on Monday.

Terrorism is a global phenomenon and the United States sent the document to the United Nations to underscore that force may be used elsewhere, said the administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity."

Although I applaud President Bush on his strong position, I can see at least two possible scenarios.

One, I still believe that the United States is Mystery Babylon, and one day, Babylon will be attacked and destroyed in a single day. For God will put it in their (Revived Roman Empire) hearts to destroy them (Rev. 17:16, 17). This will happen in our lifetime.

I'm not sure how many more Islamic countries we can attack before the entire federation comes together for a real holy war. Iraq and Afghanistan are just the beginning. Who's next and will it finally be the last straw.

Two, the U.S. gets in over its head. I really don't think that the U.S. is ready to face the threat of constant attack from suicide bombers promised eternal life with seventy-two virgins. As time passes, support for the so-called anti-terrorism coalition could lose steam after several failed attempts to capture suspected terrorist around the world. I can see many countries (especially those not directly related) growing weary of the continuous attacks on terrorist harboring nations. Many will become less and less receptive to the coalition in the use of their bases and airspace. Although, there will be some positive results, time will leave many coalition partners discouraged. There will be a lot of finger pointing and much of it will be directed toward Israel.

Truthfully, I feel that many world leaders will come to the conclusion that if Israel is eliminated much of the terrorism will simply go away. They may ultimately become the sacrificial lamb offered up to the terrorist of the world.

There is a sub-scenario that is always looming to scenario number two. Terrorism remains rampant, and Israel and the PLO are still at odds. The economy in America has gone from bad to worse and the repercussions are being felt worldwide. Nothing seems to be working. From virtual anonymity, a man rises from the EEC. He will come in power and might. He will be seen as a savior and will promise peace. He will deceive many.

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