Israel Takes Over West Bank Town: Others Next

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January 22th, 2002

Back on August 12th, 2001 I wrote an article that predicted that Israel would march on the West Bank and would not leave. A few days later they did. Later on that week, Israel struck a deal with the Palestinian's to pull out of the West Bank. It looked like my prediction would be short lived. This is what I wrote:

"Although Palestine has brought it's hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil act to town, I don't think anyone in the Israeli government is buying it. This has become a situation that has gotten completely out of control and Israel can no longer stand by as their citizens live in constant fear.

I believe that Israel has finally had enough and will eventually march against the West Bank, ridding it of all Palestian and Arab settlers. Israel will take a stand against this blatant terrorism and the Arab world will rise up in one accord. The U.S. will be opposed to the Israeli attack, but will not interfere. Further, when the Arab's attack Israel the U.S. will stay neutral as well. Besides, Russia will be in the mix and that's got World War III written all over it. Friendship is one thing, but Israel didn't even exist 60 years ago. I'm sorry, but you guys are on you own.

I really believe that this will come to pass before spring/summer 2002. It all depends on how serious Israel is about the "permanent" status they placed on taking possession of the PLO government institutions last week. If they bend under political pressure to reinstate everything as before, then we're back to square one and the terrorism will continue. If they stand strong I believe an attack is imminent. Stay tuned…it may get very interesting from this point on."

Since that day, although attempts have been made, Israel has never left the West Bank. This was in today's headline:

Israeli troops searched homes and traded fire with Palestinians as the military took over an entire Palestinian town Monday, a first in 16 months of fighting and another blow to beleaguered Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Dozens of tanks rumbled through the streets of Tulkarem, emptied by a military curfew. Troops firing tank-mounted machine guns fought with Palestinian militiamen and rounded up suspected militants. Two Palestinians were killed and 24 wounded in clashes in Tulkarem and in the West Bank town of Ramallah. Israel said the seizure was in response to lethal attacks on Israelis and that it was doing the job Arafat failed to do - rounding up militants.

Israel hinted that other towns in the northern West Bank might be targeted next. "In the absence of Palestinian Authority security activity, Israel has entered Tulkarem to remove that threat," said Israeli government spokesman Dore Gold.

The Palestinians accused Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of trying to bring down Arafat and destroy all prospects for a resumption of peace talks.

A defiant Arafat said the Palestinians would resist the Israeli incursion, saying Israel "crossed all the red lines" by taking over Tulkarem.

"Our people will never keep silence about all of these Israeli attacks," he told visitors at his headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah, which has been surrounded by Israeli tanks since Friday.

In a rare reference to his own mortality, Arafat also suggested he might not be around to see the establishment of a Palestinian state. "I swear to God I will see the Palestinian state, as a martyr or while still alive," Arafat said." (AP)

Not only will Israel not be leaving the West Bank, they will continue to take over the area one town at a time as they hunt down would be terrorist's. I really believe by spring, Israel will have total control of the West Bank. War or the serious threat of war will follow. As this situation unfolds, it is my strong belief that the rapture of the church can't be to far into the future.

Pakistan and India are on the brink of nuclear war if something or somebody does not step in and stop the bleeding. The Middle East is in a very violate state, but the Far East is in red alert stage. This is by far the biggest threat of nuclear annihilation the world has seen since the early sixties.

Can the rapture be far behind? As these and other problems around the world become increasingly dangerous and spiral out of control, who will step in and bring it under control? If you don't know the Lord, time is fast running out.

Pastor Malone

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