Advice For Teens About Living In This Wicked World

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Updated January 30th, 2002

Pastor Malone

ive been to ur website a couple of timez to look for hope..i know all of the strings of being saved..i juz have not been living right..n after asking god back into my heart..i still feel the same..i dont feel like im not a christian..that i dont accept juz, like i said, not living for him..i havent been doing the worst things u can think of..but i've been doing thingz like cussing..stuff like that..i am, right now, dealing with..tryin to find a guy to love me..b/c i need someone to lean onto..i need someone that i can wake up..n know..that right now..they are still loving me.. i so badly need someone to care about me..i know god can..but i juz cant live for him..b/c it'z way too hard..u barely can do n e thing n e more without it being a sin..n i hate that..i get so mad at god..b/c of what i have in my life, what i dont have in my life..i juz think that if he really loved me..he could make thingz better..i dont understand why thingz are like how they are..i have faith in god..i believe in him..but i juz dont know what to do about following him..i want to expierence young..i want a chance of life..but i know it'z wrong..i know that god doesnt want me to expierence what i want to..i dont even know if i would fall under being a christian...maybe im a wanna be christian..i juz dont know..i write to ask for one really carez about if i talk to them about it..i cant tell them n e thing else..b/c i will need them to lean on 24/7..i know i have god to lean on..but when i say my prayerz..or read the zoned out..i hate reading..n i think that i shouldnt force myself to read something that im not interested in..i juz need advice on how to live my daily life..i ask only that if u can write me back..offering me some kind of hope..some kind of encouragment..that i can drawl closer to really juz a troubled teen..i juz need god..n i have no idea how to reach him..

thank you for your time,

Name withheld



Name withheld:

Thanks for writing. You want what many teens across America want, and that's friendship from others and love from that special someone. There's nothing wrong with that. But you do need to get your spiritual life in order first. I don't know if you are going to church anywhere on a regular basis, but that should be your first priority. Find a church that has a youth group and get involved. Make friends with the youth director and build a relationship with the youth that will help you grow spiritually. Not all youth in a church setting are Godly so get with those that will help you grow as a Christian instead of drag you down. I know that's easier said then done sometimes, but that should be your goal. Be in church every time the doors are open.

Name Withheld, I may have the answer to your prayer life. Your desires are drowning out God's desires for your life. You are coming to God with YOU as your number one priority instead of HIM as your number one priority. Like many Christians today, your hands are open before the Lord and you expect Him to fill them. That's the wrong way to approach the Lord.

Of course, you don't like what you are going through right now, and yes, He is the one who can change that, but it will be in His time. Whether you believe it or not, God does want you to be happy. But happiness does not come in the form of a man or woman. That type of happiness will be temporary, and you will find out, as many have in the past, that the Lord will be the only true happiness that you will ever find.  Give yourself time to get to know God.  Try to read just a little of the Bible every day, even if itís just one or two lines.  I suggest you start with the Psalms.

Let me assure you, God gave you the desires you are feeling, but it may not be in His timing yet. He may also be using those desires to bring you closer to Him. God oftentimes withholds our wants and desires so that we will draw closer to Him.  Our efforts to control ourselves helps to bring us into conformity to His will. In short, He wants you to seek Him. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" (Matthew 6:33).

That's not to say that God will change your situation the minute you decide to seek Him, but He will when the time is right, and it will be for your good. Remember, God has a long-range plan for you that seldom happens overnight.

Name Withheld, don't lean on your feelings but lean on the Lord. You may think that the wisdom of this world seems logical and the right choice for you, but in the end, it will leave you confused and shaking your head. Take a look at this passage and make it your life verse. "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil" (Proverbs 3: 5-7).

Pray daily at the same time every day.  Try and do it whether you feel like doing it or not.  A good time is right before you read the Bible, even if itís only a word or two asking for His help or telling Him that you are afraid.  He hears it all and wants you to communicate with Him.  When you pray, don't focus on you and your needs. God already knows what your needs are before you ever ask (Matthew 6:25-32). Focus on Him and praise Him. Tell Him daily that you are aware that He knows your needs and desires, and turn them over to Him. The important part of prayer is that you tell Him how much you want Him in your life to guide you.

He's the only one who can bring you true happiness and He's the author of true love between a man and a woman. If you want to find lasting love, it will be through Him. Trying to go around God will be the biggest mistake of your life. I hope what I have said is helpful to you.

Pastor Malone

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