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The topic: UFO's. No, UFO's as the world believes, do not exist. There has never been a time in the history of mankind that this could even be a possibility. Never before has planet Earth been so prepared for an encounter with space beings. Throughout the last two and half decades, but particularly toward the end of it, unidentified flying objects were prominent in the news reports, TV specials and the hot topic on many talk shows. Remember when they found what they said was a spaceship landing in a field over in Europe a couple of years back. They were perfectly sculptured. No one could explain them, not even the scientific world. It was on all the major news stations and even after someone took responsibility for the hoax, the scientist said they were lying.

In Russia, a rash of UFO sightings coincided with a tremendous upsurge in all kinds of religious activity--from Bible-based evangelism to the most far-out cult worship. One Western diplomat observed: "Russians are by nature deeply religious people and are now desperately looking for something to believe in."

More and more people are becoming convinced that UFOs are real and that they are visitors from other planets. One Christian leader even suggested that we attempt to witness and preach the Gospel to these beings who obviously possess a higher intelligence.

I definitely believe there have been accurate sightings of UFOs. There may even have been actual encounters with intelligent beings on these crafts. But, let me reiterate: These creatures are not space aliens. They are demons. And I believe the UFO phenomenon is all part of a Satanic plot to set up a great deception.

Such a deception will likely take place around the same time as the Rapture--in which every living believer on the face of the Earth will be snatched up to be with the Lord. After all, some very dramatic changes will have to occur in the last days to change people's perceptions of truth, to distort the reality of developments and to motivate people to work within the end times New World Order.

Is this just another amusing tabloid story of life on other planets or has it really gripped the hearts and minds of this world, to the point of belief? I am certain of it. When Jesus comes through the clouds to rapture out the church the world will embrace this explanation like never before. His coming will indeed be masked. The world will then be ushered into The Great Tribulation Period.

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