The Unholy Trinity

bible prophecy that will take you from the rapture through the judgment of God the rise and fall of the antichrist and false prophet all in chronological order.  Learn the prophetic signs leading up to the end times and how it will all end at the battle of armageddon

Learn what will happen during the tribulation period from beginning to end
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Of course, as Christians, we are all acquainted with the Holy Trinity-The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. As good is the opposite of evil, there is a Holy Trinity and an unholy trinity.

When Satan is cast out of heaven, he will indwell and take full control of the antichrist. As God and Christ are one (John 10:30), so will Satan and the antichrist. The antichrist will only desire to do the will of Satan the father of all lies.

The false prophet will complete the unholy trinity. Like the Holy Spirit, who compels men to Christ, he to will compel those of the earth to follow and worship the beast. His only mission will be to coerce men into following the antichrist or face death. In this sense, Satan will mimic the Holy Trinity with his own unholy version.

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