World War III

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Letís talk about World War III. Though there are many theories about the exact alignment of nations and the timing of events, no serious student of the Bible can deny that it predicts terrible conflict in the last days before Jesus returns (Millennium reign, not the rapture). How bad will it actually be? Unimaginably bad.

During the Tribulation Period, the death and destruction will make the first two world wars-in which tens of millions died-pale by comparison. Unimaginable, right! But if we examine what the Bible tells us about that final conflagration and take a close look at the world today, we can almost see the handwriting on the wall.

The holocaust will be preceded, as we have discussed, by a hopeful period of false peace. Evidently, for a moment, at least, some sort of agreement will be reached over that stumbling block of stumbling blocks-Jerusalem. And the world will rejoice over the great statesmanship and diplomacy exercised by the brilliant new leader of Europe who makes it all possible.

But this peace will be short lived and the final countdown to Armageddon will begin. One thing that shocks me a little. The Bible has predicted for centuries that the final world war would be at a site at a valley in Israel. Before 1948 it would have been pointless to have a battle their.

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