Question# 10: Does The Antichrist Know At This Time Who He Is?

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Updated July 30th, 1998


Dear Pastor Malone:

Thanks for writing back so quickly. I had a question, I just read on your question and answer page that a person will make a deal with the devil to be regarded or bestowed or become the antichrist. For some reason I had this preconceived notion that the antichrist would know who he was, not necessarily when he was born but at sometime while growing up. Is this just false thinking on my behalf or will the antichrist know who he is early on in his life.

Love in Him,



Dear Scott:

Most people believe that the antichrist was born into the world for just this day. Unfortunately this is wrong! The reason it is wrong is because satan, who knows that his time is short (he knew his time was short 2000 years ago), does not know when the tribulation period will begin nor does he know the future. When the church is removed and the Holy Spirit steps out of the way, satan will find himself unopposed and will quickly begin to setup his earthly kingdom. As he did 2000 years ago with Judas, he will find a world leader whom he can possess. This will be the antichrist. He will, for all practical purposes, make a deal with the devil. At first, he will position himself by solving world problems and conflicts. He will be the ultimate peacemaker and financial mind. From there he will eventually declare himself to be god.

I do not believe that he is being groomed by satan anymore than Judas was. He was just a willing vessel that satan needed during that time. If you remember, satan didn't know why Jesus came to the earth even though He spoke about it openly, but yet, walked right into the plan of God. Even after Jesus died, satan felt he had finally won, but up from the grave He arose, and what seemed to be satan's victory, turned into a crushing defeat.

This will happen again and satan will walk right into God's ultimate plan again without even knowing it. Somehow, satan does not know what is going to happen in the near future. Remember that he was the smartest angel in God's kingdom. He has fooled the whole world into unknowingly following him, but yet, does not know what awaits him. You'd think he would read the Bible or something and plan ahead. Somehow, even though he knows the scripture, God has hid the mysteries of prophecy from him. This is just another example of why it is impossible to discern the Word of God without the Holy Spirit indwelling you.

Pastor Malone

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