Question# 11:Does This Latest U.S. Attack Mean Anything In Prophecy?

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Updated August 22nd, 1998


Dear Pastor Malone:

As you know, the resent retaliation bombing of Sudan and Afghanistan has brought on threats by the Arab world that this was a declaration of war against all Arabs. They have promised to answer the attacks. In your opinion, do you feel this has any last day's significance?

In Christ,



Dear Joe:

There's no question that this latest episode between the Arab nations and the West plays into prophecy for the endtimes. If you have read my articles on Mystery Babylon, you know that I believe that the United States to be this endtime nation.

To summarize, God has declared that during the tribulation period, He will destroy a nation, who was at one time, a nation that served Him. But in the latter days, this nation will turn its back on God, joining itself with other nations in a quest for further wealth and power. Even in this day that we live in you can see the tide turning in our nation. Many scoff at those who believe in Jesus. Others proclaim that He was just a man and others wonder if God really even exist. But the prevailing theory in America is what must I do to get rich to how quickly can I get there. What began as a God fearing nation truly has become a hedonistic society that has forgotten God.

I also find it very interesting that the former Soviet Union has officially come out to condemn the U.S. for the retaliation bombings. And this isn't the first time they've done that in recent history. This should send up a huge flag to prophecy students.

As you know, in Ezekiel 37 & 38, it states that in the last day's Russia will lead an all out attack on the nation of Israel. They will be joined by many of the Arab nations. What does this future siege have to do with today's international alignment? It is plain to me that Russia has for sometime had a secret alliance with the Arab world. In fact, they're building nuclear reactors in Iran right now! I shutter to think what the magnitude of nuclear weapons they have been sold. They would have you to believe that there are no connections or alliances but I know different.

Although this recent skirmish is only one of many in recent years between the Arab world and the West, I believe it marks the beginning of the end for the United States. Although it may seem hard to believe, I believe God will use the Arab alliance to destroy the United States in one day just as He predicted.

Pastor Malone

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