Question# 13: Prophecy Alert Revisited

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Updated September 22nd, 1998

Back in July of 1997 I wrote an article that declared that Russia would soon become a communist country again. I also stated, that Boris Yeltzin would soon be stepping down as prime minister. Today, that prediction has come to pass. Here is the article that I wrote over one year ago.

I am updating my webpage a week early to bring you up to date with an important prophecy alert that has occurred in Russia. Another piece of the prophetic puzzle is about to happen. Most people are unaware of what has happened in Russia really means. There will be a takeover in Russia very soon that will reunite the old Soviet Union, and if necessary, by force. East and West Germany will stay united, only because that would bring about a huge world protest by the United Nation's.

What will bring this coupe to fruition? If you haven't heard President Boris Yeltzin fired his national security advisor Alexander Labed because they felt he was too dangerous. He is a very dangerous man and will probably be the next leader of Russia. Either government insider's will force Yeltzin out due to poor health or their will be a forced takeover led by Labed. There will probably be a small uprising, but most of Russia is in a deep depressive state and would welcome a change back to the old Soviet Union. There will be little resistance.

Why is this such a dramatic prophecy? In the tribulation period it is predicted that Russia, along with it's Arab allies ( Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, etc.), will come down on Israel from the North, along with Egypt from the South, to take Israel as a spoil. But God will supernaturally destroy the invading armies from the North and South in the mountains of Israel. He will at this time cause a great earthquake that will cause great dead and confusion on the invading armies. At the same time fire, sulfur, and great hailstones will fall from heaven completely annihilating this great army. The battle will make these nations militarily ineffective throughout the remaining tribulation period. It has been interpreted that the antichrist will defeat the Egyptian army coming from the south. Sometime after this war the antichrist will break his peace covenant with the Israelis and set himself up as god forcing all to worship him and take his mark.

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