Question# 15: Are the antichrist, false prophet and two witnesses on the earth right now?

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Updated October 24, 1998


Dear Pastor Malone:

Are the antichrist, false prophet and God's two special witnesses on the earth today?


Dear Sir/madam:

I do believe that the antichrist and the false prophet are alive today but they don't know their future, yet. Most people believe that they were born into the world for just this day. I don't believe this to be true. The reason it is wrong is because satan does not know when the tribulation period will begin nor does he know the future. When the church is removed and the Holy Spirit steps out of the way, satan will find himself unopposed. It will be like fighting a fierce battle and all of a sudden the enemy just disappears. Satan will believe that he has finally won and will quickly begin to setup his earthly kingdom. As he did 2000 years ago with Judas, he will find a world leader whom he can possess. This will be the antichrist. He will, for all practical purposes, make a deal with the devil. The false prophet will come to the forefront about midway throught the tribulation period. Some believe that they will come up out of the abyss (Revelation 11:7). I believe that the antichrist and the false prophet will be mortal men but they will be possessed by the spirits of two men in the abyss. Satan has never been able to give life to anything (through birth or resurrection) nor bring up anything out of the pit. But he has possessed the bodies of men. This is evident throughout the New Testament.

As I have said before, I do not believe that they are being groomed by satan anymore than Judas or Hitler were. They were just willing vessels that satan needed during that time.

I think alot of people believe that satan is gearing up for the final showdown with Christ. You've got God on one side and satan on the other. Both are in their war room plotting their strategy for the final showdown. What a lot of people forget is that satan does not possess the Holy Spirit which is the only way the Bible can come alivein him. Can a person understand the Bible without the Holy Spirit? I think we know the answer to that question. Neither can satan! I truly believe he does not know that his time is this short. The world affairs are shaping up because God has caused them to. When God allows the restrainer to end His restraint, satan will walk in and begin his kingdom, and think he is in control.

The two witnesses, on the other hand, are in heaven. Yes, God could bring them into the world through birth (He alone has this power), but He won't. These will be men sent from heaven, who will have heavenly bodies. They will have supernatural powers and will not be able to be killed until their mission is complete. When the antichrist does kill them, God will have allowed it. I'm sure satan will think he has won, but he's only walking deeper into the trap.

As we know, satan is only reacting to what God allows him to do. And His reaction has been recorded and distributed worldwide. Infact its an all-time best seller. If satan did have Holy Spirit insight into the Bible, don't you think he would change his reaction?

Pastor Malone

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