Question# 31: Can satan Repent And Change His Ways?

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Updated October 1st, 1999


Pastor Malone:

Some food for thought, predestination; maybe satan can't change what is about to happen, and he has already done this and God has reset the clock.

Don't you think if satan could discern the scriptures, my website, or any other spiritual material regarding this subject, he would change his plans! I know I would and I'm not half as smart as satan! At this point satan somehow knows his time is short. How he knows is anyone's guess. Maybe cause God reset the Clock, Also in Jude 1:6 how is there Angles in chains awaiting Judgement?

Please respond


Dear Dave:

Jude 1:6 has no bearing upon satan. he is free to roam the earth seeking whom he may devour (I Peter 5:8). Yes, there are fallen angels who are already in hell, while there are others who are roaming the earth, looking for a body to possess. When Jesus cast out the demons in the man from the Gergesenes, they begged Him not to send them to hell before there time (Matthew 8:30). Although, they knew that there time was coming, they did not know when, nor did they change their ways. In fact, these same demons will participate in the war in heaven that will take place at the middle of the tribulation period and they will believe that they will win.

You may ask, "What if satan, in the end, asked God to forgive him and restore him to favor?" he would not and it has never, ever crossed his mind. It's just not within him and against every fiber of his nature. That would be like a lion and a lamb being placed in a pin together. By morning, only one would be left. Why? Because it's the lion's unchangeable nature that drives him to hunt, kill and devour the lamb, and that can never be changed. You can train the lion for weeks, months, even years to co-exist with the lamb, but the final result will still be the same.

satan will never change his ways because it is against his nature. A nature, in which he chose, knowing the truth, he chose to believe a lie and to exalt himself above the very God of heaven. Therefore, God turned him over to his nature, never to be changed, just as he did with those found in Romans 1:20-32, who knowing the truth, chose not to serve God, but to follow their lusts. he does not know he is evil because that's what he is.

In conclusion, can satan change God's timetable? Absolutely not! satan must play within the boundaries of what God will and will not allow him to do. satan is literally a puppet in God's hand. He cannot alter God's plan even one second. Did God make him the way he is? No! he chose to rebel against God and God turn him over to his own desires and forever that became his nature, never to be changed. he absolutely has no desire to change now and never will, even when the day comes when he will be cast into the lake of fire.

Pastor Malone

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