Question# 32: Can You Be Saved Without Attending Church?

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Updated October 1st, 1999


Pastor Malone:

My sister and I were raised catholic. We don't attend church because we do not feel most comfortable there. We feel closet to God at home, in prayer. Several years ago, we accepted Jesus in our hearts and acknowledged him as our Saviour. We pray and thank God for everything he has given us. Although we do not attend a church of some sort....Are we saved anyway because we believe?



Dear Alexandra:

Matthew 7:21 states that not every one that says Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he/she that does the will of the Father in heaven. This is a sincere question you ask me, and I can respect that. Going to church will not save you, but going to church is a fruit of salvation.

The first thing you have to ask yourself, are you doing the will of the Father? You may ask what is the will of the Father? I can tell you the first step in knowing God's will for your life is fellowshipping with other Christian's and learning what God has for your life. You stated that you have not found a church you are comfortable with. If that's the case keep moving on until you find one that is. Ask God to direct your paths to find the right church. If you are truly sincere about your walk with the Lord, He will find you a church that will be just what you need. And when you find that church, don't just sit on the pew like most Christian's today, get into the battle and do something for Christ. It's sad to say that most Christian's today will live and die leaving absolutely no mark on the earth for the Lord. For some unknown reason, church members today equate salvation with church attendance, when attending church is merely a praise, worship and classroom situation, which is designed to equip you to better serve God and to lead others to the Lord. It's no wonder that many today are confused about the role of church in a Christian's life. It has become a measuring stick for salvation, a way to accumulate spiritual brownie points, rather than changing and growing up Christian's.

I don't know if you are saved, but I do know that every believer that has received Christ will seek to do the will of the Father, which includes learning how to serve Him better. Anyone can thank God for his blessings (we hear that from the unsaved all the time), but it takes a Holy Spirit directed life to live for Him daily. Staying out of church is not a healthy practice for a Christian (if indeed they are saved) and will ultimately leave a person spiritually bankrupt. If you are saved I challenge you to live for Jesus as He has commanded in His Word, which includes attending church. This will teach you how to live for Christ and to know His will for your life. I hope this was the answer you were looking for.

Pastor Malone

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