Question# 5: Role Of The Restrainer

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Updated April 15th, 1998


Pastor Malone:

Hi ..

I was reading your message on the tribulation and you said that you believe that the restrainer will be the Holy Spirit...I was wondering how anyone can be saved during this period then sense it takes the Holy Spirit to convict people before they become least that is what I believe. I know people are saved during this time because when the 2 witnesses come144,000 will be saved. I believe many more will be saved ...just wondering..thanks.

Love in Christ




Dear Rhonda:

Thanks for your question. Yes many will be saved during the tribulation period. The 144,000 and the two witnesses are not really counted in that number due to the fact that they are called of God for the specific purpose of presenting the Gospel to those who are left on the earth. I do believe that the Holy Spirit has been the hindering Spirit that has restrained satan from going forward with his plans. 

Your question, how can people be saved without the Holy Spirit to convict them?  The restrainer (II Thessalonians 2:1-11), which I believe to be the Holy Spirit, will be removed at the time of the rapture.  For within every born again Christian resides the Holy Spirit.  When Christians are raptured the Holy Spirit will be taken with them.  But just as the Holy Spirit indwelled the early church, He will return to indwell the 144,000 witnesses, at the beginning of the tribulation period, to preach the Gospel to a lost and dying world.  Both the two witnesses and the 144,000 sealed witnesses will lead many to the Lord during this time.

Pastor Malone

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