Is It A Coincidence That Jerusalem Is The Sticking Point To Peace?

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September 16th, 2000

Am I the only one in the world that views the peace plan in the Middle East as prophetic to Daniel 9:27. Of course, these peace talks could go on for another five, maybe ten years or as long as the Lord wishes. Let's face it; it's been an ongoing process for over forty years. At present, the Palestinians are threatening to declare statehood (postponed for the time being), while the Israelis are listening but promising nothing.

Truthfully, I believe things are winding down and the peace process is about to take a dramatic turn. This is what I believe will happen. The Middle East peace talks will be resolved within the next six to twenty-four months. Israel will agree to share Jerusalem with the Palestinians and both will claim it as their capital. Israel will be given permission to rebuild the temple and resume the sacrifice.

Since it is predicted in Daniel 9:27 that the antichrist would be the one responsible for making a seven year peace treaty with Israel, it is only natural that one would assume that one of the parties involved would logically be the antichrist. I won't speculate who the antichrist could be. But we do know that whoever he is, he will come in great power and strength, and will gain world recognition from his solving of the Middle East peace problem. Many things can happen in a year or two.

Does this mean that the Lord will come and rapture the church within the next two year's? The Lord could come at any moment, maybe today. Most don't realize, although the peace process has gone on for many years, the two sides were always far apart and Jerusalem was never a serious bargaining chip until now. To allow Palestine to exist at all, I felt, would be a major concession, but to allow Jerusalem to be shared with the gentiles is down right prophetic (see question 48). Add this to the list of reasons way Jesus could not have come in any other time period (see question 17).

Let me get back to why Jesus could come at any time, even today. As I have stated before, it is not necessary for the antichrist to be on the scene for the rapture to take place. Many believe that as soon as the peace agreement in Israel is signed the rapture will occur. That is incorrect! The peace agreement marks the beginning of the seven-year tribulation period. Many things still have to happen before the peace agreement can take place. The alignment of the Roman Empire must be finalized, which entails alliances, war and a hostile takeover of three nations. Upon the establishment of the future empire, one man will surface as supreme ruler. This man will be the antichrist (Revelation 13). Personally, I believe the alignment will be forged after the rapture takes place, but there is no Biblical evidence that indicates that to be a fact.

"The alignment of the nations in Daniel 11 and Ezekiel 38 will come about when Jews are "dwelling safely," in a land of "unwalled villages……at rest……..dwelling safely" (Ezekiel 38: 8b and 11). Daniel 9:27 tells us that the Antichrist will "confirm"(strengthen or confirm an agreement already on the table and not working) a "peace agreement" with Israel during the Tribulation.

The discussion of peace in the Middle East must include "water." Many are saying that the conflict over the use of water will be the cause of the next major war in the region. Israel's need for water, especially that which comes from the sources in the Golan Heights, enhances the chances for war between Syria and Israel if the Syrians get back the Golan.

Zechariah tells us that Jerusalem will be the focus of controversy in the last days (Zechariah 12:2-3)." (

The rapture could take place today, particularly due to the fact that the Holy Spirit is still restraining the activities of the antichrist. It will not be until the Christian's are removed or raptured that the Holy Spirit will cease to restrain the activities of the antichrist. Notice that I did not say that the Holy Spirit would be removed from the earth, but only Christian's. I fully believe that the Holy Spirit will continue to work through the two witnesses and those 144,000 sealed of God to proclaim the Gospel.

The message to those who are contemplating a decision to accept Jesus as Lord of their Life…don't wait any longer, for tomorrow maybe to late, and you maybe left behind.

Pastor Malone

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