Will You Be Disappointed When There's No Rapture?

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May 29, 2006



By answering your question, perhaps you will answer mine. Let me first answer your question. (If the rapture happens at the Second Coming of Christ) "Who will be left on earth to enter into the millennium? 

First answer is...I don't know. (No one has ever answered this question)

Second answer is ...God always has a remnant. 

Third answer is ..Zec. 14:2 half of Jerusalem will have been in exile they might be willing to participate in the post apocalyptic relocation program. At least back to Jerusalem. 

Additional answer: Zec. 14:16.  The nations. Sort of like "who did Cain marry and who was there to kill him"? I hope this is the answer you seek.   

I did want to comment on the pre-trib rapture position. People that have coordinated the Feasts of the Lord into the tribulation time line have a time line that fits perfectly. Unfortunately, for some, it is a pre-wrath-post trib scenario. In studying this I have become convinced that the pre-trib position is a snare to Christians. Yes the elect will not be fooled, however what about the who-so-evers. You know...who so ever believeth... Some of them might make it if no one misleads them along the way. I believe that the Apostasia results, at least in part, from the pre tribbers thinking that God has let them down by not rapturing them. They will fight a strong delusion to think anything else. By promoting a false hope don't you think that your heavenly reward will be less? Luke 21:8 Will you be disappointed? 

To clarify: These verses are referring to false "Christian" teachers, preachers, ministers, pastors, etc. as in v.11: "false prophets," not several individuals claiming to be Jesus, [(I am He)--Jesus is speaking!] but rather many who admit that Jesus is the Christ and believing that they are His





The flaw in the belief that there is no rapture is simple...everyone who has ever written me discounts the power of the Holy Spirit.  You can't prepare yourself for what is to come.  No amount of hoarded up food, water or shelter will save one person.  The Bible is clear that "except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened (Matthew 24:22)."  Your human efforts are simply useless according to scripture.

Your answer to the question "Who will be left to enter into the millennium" (the exiled Jews) has an immediate Biblical flaw. 

Number one, no one will enter into the millennium who has taken the mark of the antichrist...and that goes for Jews, Muslims or any other earthly religion or group.  The Bible is clear that all those who take the mark will be executed at the appearance of our Lord to rule and reign with His saints. 

Number two, we know positively that there will be a rapture.  Again, the Bible is crystal clear on that issue (I Thessalonians 4:13-18).  Whether it will be before or after the tribulation period is where we part.   

Let's say for a moment that the rapture does happen sometime after the tribulation period (mid-trib or pre-millennial).  I think we agree that whether or not a person is Jew or Gentile they can't take the mark.  For If they do, they are promised to be executed and will be doomed to hell/lake of fire (Revelation 14:9-11).  So there are actually only two types of people on the earth during the tribulation period saved and lost (actually there has always only been two). 

According to you, when the rapture takes place at the end of the tribulation period all Christians will be taken.  Who's left?  If the exiled Jews are left and have taken the mark they will be executed. If they have stayed faithful to the Lord, and many will come to the Lord through the preaching of the 144,000 Jewish evangelists, they will be raptured.  Who's left? 

The answer to God's remnant is yes He does always have a remnant.  But according to your belief they will be raptured at the middle or end of the tribulation period when the Lord comes.  When the rapture takes place every single born again believer will be taken up including the dead in Christ.  That's scriptural!  Again, based on what you believe...no one will be left to live in the Millennium period.   

As I have said, no one has ever been able to answer this question and until they do any explanation other than a pre-tribulation rapture is false. 

You bring up human feeling and ability.  Unfortunately, this is what I hear virtually every time someone writes me claiming the pre-tribulation rapture is wrong. You need to understand that outside of the power of the Holy Spirit working in a person’s life no one can live the Christian life on this side of the tribulation period or the other.  Until you understand that you will continue to go in circles with this question. 

Steve, the doctrine of looking for the Lord was preached by Paul to the Thessalonians and to everyone since then.  There has never been a generation that has not experienced persecution.  Today it is as bad as it gets in many parts of the world.  The only difference in the suffering of today and the suffering of the tribulation period for Christians will be the scope...it will be worldwide. 

The early Christians suffered greatly and their numbers flourished.  And the funny thing is, they were looking for the rapture as well, and they died without seeing it.  But they all stayed faithful even in their so-called disappointment.  You only need read Fox’s Book of Martyrs to realize that (http://www.ccel.org/f/foxe/martyrs/home.html).

Steve, you are confused about what the false hope is.  The false hope has always been that without Christ you are lost and without hope.  That is the only false hope this world will ever know.  I preach 100% true hope and that is whosoever will call upon the name of the Lord he/she will be saved (Romans 10:13).  That is the only hope that matters. 

Whether a person becomes disappointed in the rapture, finances, relationships, a death in the family or whatever may cause them to depart from following the Lord is not my concern and Biblically shouldn't be.  It is God who has commanded me to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and you have to agree that I do, and it is the job of the Holy Spirit to convict them, save them, and keep them saved.  Once I preach the Gospel I'm totally out of the picture as far as salvation is concerned.  I simply can't save anyone or keep anyone saved.  As I said, without the power of the Holy Spirit working in a person’s life it is impossible to live the Christian life under any circumstance whether it be during a time of abundance or terrible tribulation. 

Disappointment is not a fruit of the Spirit and I have never come across one single Christian that got falsely saved to trick God and beat the rapture.  But if they did...that's fine!  I can tell you if God said to Noah (and I were alive in that day) that He would destroy the earth with water in 120 years...whether I believed it or not I'd be at Noah's front door 119 years, 363-4 days later ready to get into the ark.  If you remember, God's only requirement was for a person to get into the ark before He shut the door.  I'd definitely meet that requirement…and He (God) didn’t care if you were trying to cover all your bases...just get on!

Steve, I'll be honest with you, until you understand the role of the Holy Spirit you will always have a hard time understanding how anyone will turn to the Lord during this time or stay faithful.  They go hand in hand.

One other thing, not one person will come to the Lord or not come to the Lord that God does not ordain...even during the tribulation period.  It will be God that will do the saving not you or me. Whether we go through the tribulation period isn't going to change that by even one salvation.  Again, it's the Lord who does the saving with or without our help.  When you understand this you will never bring up this subject again. 

Thanks for your question Steve. 

Pastor Malone



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