Bush Warns Iran Against Action In Iraq; The Antichrist & What Must Come!

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January 29, 2007

Fatah-Jihad Suicide Terrorist Murders Three in Eilat


DEBKAfile Exclusive: Fatah is willing to sustain 200 to 500 dead to prevail over Hamas in Gaza, Hamas Damascus-based leader Khaled Meshaal is warned

U.S. Prepares For Iran Long-Range Missiles

Bush warns Iran against action in Iraq

Muslims 'about to take over Europe'

Bush warns Iran against action in Iraq

Bernard Lewis: Iran in apocalyptic mood

Renowned scholar Bernard Lewis said Monday during a lecture at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem that the cold war philosophy of mutually assured destruction that kept the US and Russia from destroying each other with nuclear bombs is irrelevant when it comes to Iran.

"Ahmadinejad and his group clearly believe, and I don't doubt the sincerity of their belief, that we are now entering an apocalyptic age, which will result in the triumph of their messianic figure," Lewis said, referring to the twelfth Imam, Mahdi.

 "Muslims, like Jews, believe that there are things you can do to hasten the messiah. M.A.D doesn't work with these people."

 Lewis added that the threat of many Iranians perishing in a war did not deter the Iranian leadership, which believes "it would be doing them a favor, by giving them a free pass to heaven."

"Iran is a mortal threat, and one also has to take account of the apocalyptic mood of Ahmadinejad and his circle. Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, has an end of time scenario," the scholar said.

"There is only solution to the Iranian threat, and that can only come from the Iranian people," Lewis said. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/1,7340,L-3358555,00.html

I have to agree.  Iranian President Ahmadinejad and the leadership are not trying to avoid a nuclear conflict but seem to be embracing it.  I question whether anyone in the free world realizes that he may not be backing down for Islamic prophetic reasons.  That's scary because I really think he believes he is on a mission from Allah.  

The US and Iran are on a collision course and many believe that the US is planning to strike their nuclear facilities between now and April of 2007.

Today, I am going to concentrate on the antichrist and what he will try to accomplish when he comes on the scene.   

If you are a regular reader of mine you know that I do not believe that satan knows the day he is living in.  As far as he is concerned this next attempt to bring about his kingdom is just thatÖhis next attempt.  I believe he has been trying for centuries to bring his antichrist into power, but has been held back by the power of the Holy Spirit (II Thessalonians 2:6-8).  But soon that will all end.  When the rapture takes place, the Holy Spirit, who resides in every Christian, will leave this world.  God has timed this with satanís next attempt to bring in his kingdom.  I believe that time is fast approaching. 

When the rapture does take place, satan will raise up his antichrist.  He may have a person already picked out or he may just pick someone.  He may already be grooming someone for the job, but itís not because he knows the future.  Satan may be preparing for what he believes is his future but only God knows the future.   

When the rapture occurs, there will be great shock around the world.  Many believe that a great deception will have to follow the rapture for the world to go on.  Something such as UFO abductions, that will explain away the millions that will suddenly disappear.  But truthfully, I donít believe God cares what the world thinks nor will He try to deceive them.  This event will happen, it will cause shock as 911 did, and the world will get over it in time.  How much time I donít know, but it really doesnít matter, whatever God has planned will go on as scheduled. 

I also believe there will be a gap of time between the rapture and the start of the tribulation period.  How much time is up to debate, but it could range from a day to several years.  This time will be used to bring about satanís kingdom, the rise of the antichrist and the great falling away (II Thessalonians 2:3).   

When the antichrist comes on the scene he will unknowingly start the seven-year tribulation period by confirming a peace agreement with many for which Israel will be included.  At the same time, God will send the Holy Spirit to indwell 144,000 witnesses to preach the Gospel to the world.  He will also raise up two special witnesses that will preach the Gospel in Jerusalem.  They will not be able to be harmed and will wreak havoc on the world for three and one-half years.  In all probability, the two witnesses will lead a great revival from which the 144,000 male witnesses will come.

Many will be saved during this time, but it may cost the majority of them their lives.  The Fifth Seal reveals a multitude before the throne that came out of great tribulation (Revelation 6:9-11).  These martyrs will probably be killed following the great war (Fourth Seal). 

Many Bible scholars and teachers (including myself) believe the antichrist will rise up out of the European Union.  This is believed to be the location of the New Roman Empire, which will rule the world in the last days.   

At this time, the E.U. has a six-month rotating presidency, but plan on electing at some point a more permanent leader.  This will happen once their constitution is approved and he will probably hold the office for a two to four year period.  But the way things are moving prophetically Iím not sure that day will come.   

Iím not sure what position the antichrist will hold at the time of the signing of the peace accord.  He may rise up out of the present rotating system or be one of the future permanent presidents. Whoever he turns out to be he will bring world recognition and stability to Israel.  He will also become a respected world leader.   

But just when things are going well a major world war will break out where one-quarter of the worldís population will die.  Many will die instantly, but many more will suffer a slow painful death from disease and starvation.  This will be a horrible and very chaotic time to be alive.   

Itís hard to say how this war will start.  It could simply be the Lord stirring up a world leader to attack another nation or several nations.  It could be as simple as miscommunication.  A preemptive strike may set it off and induce many other preemptive or counterstrikes.   

Terrorism is also in the back of my mind.  If a nuclear terrorist strike occurs, that nation may strike back at the nation or nations they feel are harboring the terrorist group.  They may take a strike first and ask questions later approach. 

The Lord may also allow satan to impose his will upon the world.  This great war may be in reaction to the antichrist declaring himself to be God.  Even though the world will not want to retain the knowledge of God they will oppose someone who claims to be a god.  The free world will see this as another Hitler rising up and will band against him, but in the end, they will be defeated.  Not only will three nations in his own kingdom fall (Daniel 7:24), but also the entire world will be crushed. 

However it starts, when the dust clears, the antichrist will destroy anyone who stands in his way.  He will put down all democracies and force the world to take his mark and worship him.

He will then march into the temple in Jerusalem and blaspheme Holy God.  At some point following his abomination, I believe the antichrist will be assassinated.  But miraculously satan will be given the power (by God) to cause him to rise again.   

The whole world will look on him in awe thus duplicating what Christ did over two thousand years ago.  This will give birth to the unholy trinity - (the father) satan, (the son) antichrist, and (the spirit) false prophet.   

These three will demand worldwide worship and blaspheme the very God of gods.  At some point, satan will gather his demoniac army and storm the gates of heaven only to be soundly defeated.   

ďAnd the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.  (Revelation 12:9)Ē 

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

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Pastor Malone