Tony Blair Antichrist?

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June 21, 2007

Blair in Europe: a false messiah?

Hamas leader warns Israel not to attack

Egypt invites leaders to peace summit

Israel Agrees to Participate in Sharem Summit in Egypt

DEBKAfile: A third US carrier, the nuclear-powered USS Enterprise Strike Group is speeding towards the Persian Gulf

Israeli, U.S. Air Forces agree to dramatically upgrade cooperation status...

Syria Orders Mig-31 From Russia

Since my article yesterday about Tony Blair and where his possible future as Middle East peace envoy for the Quartet could lead I have received a number of e-mails.  Most who e-mailed me believed I was wrong saying Tony Blair couldn't possibly be the future antichrist.  

Of course, they had to let me know who their selection was and they were convinced their man was the future of the new Roman Empire... and maybe he is!  One things for sure, I don't know who the antichrist is and neither does anyone else.  People have been trying to guess for centuries who this possible world leader will be.  So far, including myself, we've all come up empty.

 I don't look for that to change anytime soon.  But there is one positive thing about Tony Blair that sets him apart from anyone else...he is the only person being mentioned as the first EU president by EU and US leaders.  Whether that means anything or not only the future will tell.

Here is a response I wrote to one of my e-mails as to my belief about Tony Blair, the antichrist,  and the future:

I've always maintained that Tony Blair or any other world leader in the EU could be the antichrist...Mr. Blair is just the latest flavor.  He's only a candidate.  I believe the Bible is clear that we will not be able to know who the antichrist is until he is revealed after the rapture and possibly well into the tribulation period (II Thessalonians 2:2-9).
Certainly, I don't know who the antichrist is, but this is just one of my intelligent guesses I've had over the years.
It's very likely that satan doesn't even know who the antichrist is at this time.  In fact, if he does it's because God has placed this person in his heart to groom for this day.
I believe one of three possibilities will happen or is happening right now:  

Possibility number one: God has placed the future antichrist in the mind of satan to groom and position for the coming tribulation period.  But he's doing this not knowing that the tribulation period is near or that the rapture of the church is around the corner.  He certainly wouldn't refer to his pick as the antichrist.  As far as satan is concerned he is in the process of taking over the world...this to him is just another attempt. 

Possibility number two: satan doesn't have a clue what's going on and is playing no hand at all in grooming the antichrist.  Instead, God is working in the background making things work to his specifications and wishes.  

But when the rapture takes place and the Holy Spirit is taken out of the way satan will find himself unopposed.  He will at this time select his antichrist and false prophet not knowing that God has placed his (satan) selections in his mind.  satan will pick the two people God has aligned and positioned for this task. 

Possibility number three: Certainly, many would like to believe that God would not (select) damn anyone to be the antichrist and false prophet.  I have to agree...I don't believe Judas was handpicked to betray Christ but God did know his heart before the foundation of the world and knew that when satan came calling he would choose to be the betrayer.  Of course, this argument is never ending so I will leave it at that.
Based on this premise, when the rapture takes place, it's very possible that satan will be caught off guard. I don't believe satan is aware of or even knows what the rapture or the tribulation period is...for God has not revealed it to him or allowed him to discern prophetic Scriptures (satan doesn't know the future).  At that time God will put it in his mind to make another attempt at taking over the world and dethroning God.
God will already know who the antichrist and false prophet are but it will be their choice to say yes to satan's proposition as Judas did over 2000 years ago. 
In the end, they will say yes of their own free will.
Certainly, the end times are much more indepth and complicated than the three point outline I presented above. 
It will be interesting to see how God will finally cause things to work out.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

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Terry Malone