Analysts Warn That US Could Strike Deal With Iran And Exclude Israel

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August 6, 2007

Analysts warn that US could strike deal with Iran and exclude Israel

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Bush Signs Law to Widen Legal Reach for Wiretapping

President Bush has signed legislation giving the US government the legal right to wiretap phone calls that enter the United States that originate from a foreign country without obtaining a search warrant.  

“This more or less legalizes the N.S.A. program,” said Kate Martin, director of the Center for National Security Studies in Washington, who has studied the new legislation.

"Previously, the government needed search warrants approved by a special intelligence court to eavesdrop on telephone conversations, e-mail messages and other electronic communications between individuals inside the United States and people overseas, if the government conducted the surveillance inside the United States.

Today, most international telephone conversations to and from the United States are conducted over fiber-optic cables, and the most efficient way for the government to eavesdrop on them is to latch on to giant telecommunications switches located in the United States.

By changing the legal definition of what is considered 'electronic surveillance,' the new law allows the government to eavesdrop on those conversations without warrants — latching on to those giant switches — as long as the target of the government’s surveillance is “reasonably believed” to be overseas.

For example, if a person in Indianapolis calls someone in London, the National Security Agency can eavesdrop on that conversation without a warrant, as long as the N.S.A.’s target is the person in London."

This legislation, of course, has wrangled a number of free speech and rights groups but for the life of me I can't understand why this would be a problem.  Personally, for all I know they're already listening to my conversations, reading my e-mail and keeping tabs on my website. If I'm fortunate enough, one of those NSA agents might even get saved.  

My point is, we need to act fast and use every means to preempt any and all terrorist attempts to perpetrate horrible acts of violence against the US and the world.  If listening in on my conversation with my Aunt Mabel as we talk about the weather or my plans for the weekend will help foil one terrorist attack then so be it. But they're not even asking us to give up that liberty unless your Aunt Mabel lives in a foreign country. 

This just in:  An Israeli research institute has warned the Israeli government that if they do not act fast the US may strike a deal with Iran that may not include their interests.

In a report published by the institute called "A Libya scenario in Iran - the United States. goes it alone," the study revealed that it was possible that the US, in an attempt to resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis, could sellout Israel.  To what extent is unknown.

"This most recent report warns that despite the strength of Israel's alliance with the US, it is imprudent to assume that the two countries' interests always overlap. Analysts say that America ranks Iraq and stability in the Gulf states as first priority.

Reut analysts outlined three possible scenarios, beginning with a US military strike against Iran, which they say is becoming less and less likely. A second projected scenario is that the Bush administration will continue with indirect diplomatic channels and sanctions, leaving the big decisions to his successor. Last, and the most threatening to Israel, is direct talks between Washington and Teheran that exclude Israel."

I think most have always felt that the US would never make a Middle East deal that would exclude the interests of Israel.  But the reality of our global community is that the best interest of the US government will always be at the forefront of their foreign-policy.

Don't get me wrong, the interests of every country should first and foremost be their own interests and should only include the interests of other countries when it can further the primary interest.  

If you have been a reader of mine for any length of time you know that I have always said that when the time comes the US would turn their back on Israel.

If double crossing Israel will convince Iran to shut down their nuclear program there's no question in my mind that the West will make that compromise.

In my opinion, the US has been flirting with the idea of forsaking Israel for many years even though outwardly they claim the notion is preposterous.  But as international pressure grows for them to reach a deal with Iran and the idea of an attack fades this compromise will begin to take the formation.

It will be interesting to see if US-Israeli relations begin to chill in the not so distant future.

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Terry Malone