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US Veto Of UN Resolution Against Israel Not Proof US Still On Israel's Side; Iran Threatens Saudi Arabia

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the Senate Appropriations Committee that Tehran is aggressively involved in stirring up further turmoil throughout the Middle East either directly or through its proxies Hezbollah and Hamas. "So either directly or through proxies, they are constantly trying to influence events. They have a very active diplomatic foreign policy outreach," she said. 
"But it is also a challenge for the Iranians," she added, "They don't have a lot of friends, but they're trying to curry more friends ("

For years, the United States has been buying influence in the Middle East but that may be coming to an end. Iran has identified this regional turmoil as an opportunity to win the ears of the people of these individual countries. Although the leaders are eager to cash in on lucrative Western aid, the will of the people may put a swift end to cooperation in a return to strict Moslem practices and sharia law. Just as the US can't buy off Islamic extremists, if Iran has their way, this may be the new face of the Middle East.  This would not be good news for Washington and would leave Israel in a far worse predicament.  Yes, Israel will still be the most powerful nation in the Middle East, but by the end of the unrest, they will likely have far more enemies who are openly vocal about their destruction.

One of those nations will be Libya. Analysts are now predicting that the US and Western allies will not participate in the overthrow of dictator Moammar Qaddafi. Although it is too early to tell, most experts believe he will survive this overthrow attempt and will remain in power.

As many of you know, Iran, for the first time in decades, has been given permission by Egypt to navigate two armed warships through the Suez Canal en route to Syria. This Egyptian cooperation does not bode well for Israel or the state of the peace treaty. 

What has been learned since then, Syria has agreed to allow Iran to build a major naval base on the Mediterranean Sea. This is just one more step towards establishing a major Iranian presence in the Mediterranean that will serve to counteract Israel's naval presence.  This will most certainly serve as a major strategic point for Iran during the battle of Gog and Magog. It should also be noted, Russia, another major player who will take part in this future battle, already has permanent military bases located in Syria.

Speaking of Iran, according to Debkafile, prior to the March 11th planned Saudi Arabian day of rage, an unnamed senior Iranian official has threatened Riyadh not to use force against the 2 million Shiite Muslims who live in the country.

Saudi and other Gulf security sources called the Iranian warning unprecedented interference in the domestic affairs of Saudi Arabia and a call to the Shiite minority to rise up against the throne under the shield of Iran's protection. It also struck the match for reigniting Shiite riots in Bahrain, fomenting the Shiite minorities in other Gulf emirates and further complicating the explosive situation in Yemen (Debkafile).

Although, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has come out against Iran stating that they were doing everything in their power to incite the uprisings in their favor, Washington has failed to formulate a official position on the uprisings. Meaning, they are unsure whether to embrace or condemn the unrest.

In my opinion, once the dust is settled, I look for the US to embrace the new Islamic world at Israel's peril.  Despite the fact that Israel has been a staunch ally of the US, the continuous flow of oil may be the ultimate determining factor.

In other news, in an article by One Jerusalem, in regard to the United States most recent veto against a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction, they made it clear that this was no vote of confidence or agreement with Israel's policy.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

At the recent Security Council meeting headlines blared that The United States vetoed the Palestinian resolution. These headlines left the mistaken impression that the United States and Israel are standing shoulder to shoulder against the rest of the Western World. This is a total misreading of reality. Shoshana Bryen from JINSA explains in detail the betrayal of Israel by the Obama Administration here: Shoshana concludes her assessment of the actions of the United States with these words,  The road they took was a cop out - just on the inside of legal, but offering Israel no comfort against its enemies and giving the Palestinians no reason to behave differently in the future.

The United States separated itself from Israel even after President Obama begged and tried to bribe Abbas to withdraw his resolution. Abbas, the recipient of half a billion United States taxpayer dollars, rejected Obama's desperate plea. Other Presidents of the United States would have exacted a price from Abbas, would have reaffirmed America's total commitment to a strong and defensible Israel -- instead Secretary of State Clinton and the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice justified the lynching of Israel. (An editorial described Rice's Security Council comments as a "loathsome attack on Israel'.) Yes a veto was cast and for an insiders report of how until the last minute Obama was not certain to cast the veto read here,

Take a moment to contemplate the schismatic shift that has taken place in the relationship between Israel and its most important allies. And if evidence is needed that the Security Council meeting was not an aberration consider these facts. After the vote Israel felt it must profusely thank Obama for less forcefully siding with the Palestinians, the so-called Quartet, made of nations that voted against Israel, announced it was going to continue to pressure Israel, and Germany's Chancellor (Angela Merkel) berated Netanyahu and made sure the press and Arab World knew she had done so.

All this action against Israel is taking place while Arabs are getting killed in the streets. While Iranians are being repressed by their tyrannical rulers. And Israel's Western critics are largely silent. There most energetic action is directed at Israel not Ahmadinejad

The heads of state of the most important Western States see Israel as the target of their energy and their wrath. Israel is the problem. Israel is the enemy. Israel most be forced to capitulate to all Palestinian demands. Those demands include: Palestinian control of the Old City of Jerusalem where Solomon's Temple once stood where the holiest site in Jerusalem -- The Temple Mount -- stands. And the demand that a million or more Palestinians move into Israel proper.

In short the official dismantling of the Jewish State (Israelnationalnews).

Where this will head next is anyone's guess, but we know where it will end!  Are we on the verge of war or are we setting the stage for a man of peace (Antichrist) to come forward and preempt the inevitable?

I can't tell you what will take place in the immediate future, but I can tell you without Christ you will spend an eternity under much worse conditions than the tribulation period. If you were to die today, like 150,000 people do daily worldwide, where would you spend eternity?  Come to Jesus today before it's eternally too late (Revelation 20:11-15)!

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone
Calvary Prophecy Report

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