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Will the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple be a part of the peace accord the Antichrist will bring?  Would the Nation of Islam allow the Temple to be built alongside the Al-aqsa mosque? 

I have a few questions.  Will the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple be a part of the peace accord the Antichrist will bring?  Would the Nation of Islam allow the Temple to be built alongside the Al-aqsa mosque? 

The Bible is clear the Temple must be rebuilt before the midway point of the tribulation period (Daniel 9:27). At the halfway point of the tribulation period, the Antichrist will march into the yet to be built Temple, desecrate it, declare himself to be God, and demand worship (Revelation 13).  But in order for this prophecy to be fulfilled there must be a Temple in Jerusalem. Of course, that is not the case at this time and it looks to be rather bleak that it will ever happen since the Islamic world controls the Temple Mount and has placed a mosque in its center.  However, despite the facts on the ground, the Bible predicts a third Temple will be rebuilt on the Temple Mount location (Revelation 11:1-2).

The question is, how will this take place? Many believe it will be a part of the agreement the Antichrist will bring.  They speculate somehow he will deceive the Islamic nations into allowing this to happen. According to Temple Mount Faithful, a Jewish organization dedicated to seeing the Temple rebuilt in our lifetime, it could be completely erected in less than a year. Building materials, labor, and funding are not the problem. The problem is the Islamic world would never allow it to happen under any agreement. It is a long-standing principle of Islam, when an unbelieving nation has been conquered, one of the first steps is for all the churches or holy sites to be converted to mosques. "In 638 [AD], Umar conquered Jerusalem, where the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa mosques were later built on the holiest Jewish site, the Temple Mount ("  

History proves this conversion process has been an Islamic standard procedure for every Christian, Jewish, Hindu, etc. place of worship found in a conquered nation. To take this a step further, once a nation has been conquered by Islam they must submit to an Islamic pact or set of rules. The people of this nation is then subjected to what is known as "Dhimmi" or second class status. There are a number of Dhimmi rules, but here are three:  "1) They are not to build any new places of worship.  2) They are not to repair any old places of worship which have been destroyed by the Moslems. 17) They are not to build their houses in the neighborhood of Moslems (What Every American Needs To Know About The Quran, Federer, William J., pp. 75-76 )."   Under Dhimmi law, rule one would prevent them from erecting a new temple and it would be completely forbidden for them to build on the same location as a mosque.  

It should be pointed out, when Jerusalem was conquered by Islam, the Temple had long been burnt to the ground by the Romans some 550+ years earlier. The only viable remains was the Temple foundational structure. That didn't prevent Umar from erecting what is known today as the Al-Aqsa mosque in the middle of the Temple mount ruins. They didn't do this because it was a good location for a mosque, but because it is an Islamic principle of showing conquest over a nation.  This principle has been around for hundreds of years and is alive and well even in our present-day in religious Islamic culture.

Case in point, Ground Zero in New York City.  When Moslem extremists flew two commercial jets into the Twin Towers back on September 11, 2001 reducing them to rubble, this was immediately viewed by Moslems around the world as a major conquest against the great Satan (America). They immediately began plotting how they could build a mosque on the vary site they destroyed.  Fortunately, in the development process of this plan, knowledgeable Americans rose up and prevented this blatant symbol of conquest against America from becoming a reality.  

Based on centuries of Islamic principles and laws, I do not see any way the Palestinian people or Nation of Islam as a whole would ever agree to allow Israel to build their Temple on the same location as a mosque. With that said, I believe the only way this prophecy will ever come to pass is after a war such as Psalm 83 or the battle of Gog and Magog takes place. It will be through these wars that all Islamic power will finally be driven from the land never to return.

Terry Malone
Calvary Prophecy Report

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