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In An Attempt To Avoid International Embarrassment, will US Vote To Recognize Palestine?

The United States is working to gather enough United Nations Security Council members to resist a planned Palestinian statehood bid so as to avoid having to use its veto power, Israeli and U.S. sources said on Saturday.

American officials, including U.S. President Barack Obama, have been outspoken in their objection to a unilateral Palestinian move at the expense of continued bilateral peace talks with Israel.

Earlier this week, Obama, referring to the possibility that the recognition of a Palestinian state would arrive to the Security Council, said: "If this came to the Security Council we would object very strongly, precisely because we think it would be counterproductive."

"We don't think that it would actually lead to the outcome that we want, which is a two-state solution," he told Spanish-language media in an interview.

However, officials in both Israel and in Washington have affirmed that the U.S. was hard at work to prevent itself the possible embarrassment of being forced to use its veto power in order to thwart the Palestinian vote, by attempting to assemble enough council members to either vote against the proposal or abstain as to make the veto unnecessary (

It is not inconceivable that the US could shock the world and either absent or vote for the UN recognition of a Palestinian state.  As stated in the above Haaretz article, it would be an embarrassment to the US to be forced into using its veto power to prevent the UN recognition.  

At this time, both China and Russia have confirmed they would vote in favor of a UN recognition. The EU has not stated what its official vote will be.

Although the Bible does not address this situation specifically, some in the prophetic world believe it will be the catalyst that will bring about a war scenario described in Psalm 83.  Whether or not that is true will be played out soon enough.  

I have to believe we are on the cusp of a major prophetic breakthrough taking place in the very near future.  Whether it will be war then a temporary peace or a temporary peace to prevent war is anyone's guess.  

Much will be determined before the month of September is over.

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Terry Malone
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