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Palestinian Poll: War, Not Peace, Next!

A Palestinian public opinion poll conducted over the weekend revealed that Israel's ostensible peace partners have had enough of talking, and may be gearing up for more violence.

The Center for Opinion Polls and Survey Studies at An-Najah National University in Nablus asked local Palestinians if they believe a lasting peace deal can be negotiated between their leaders and Israel. Nearly 73 percent answered 'No.'

But that didn't mean the Palestinians had given up hope on their nationalistic goals. Over 64 percent said negotiations are not the only way to achieve a Palestinian state, and 57 percent said they expect the eruption of a "third intifada" or terrorist uprising against Israel.

Though such an uprising will not have universal backing, at least not at first. Only 28 percent of respondents in the so-called "West Bank" said they will support a fresh intifada.

Meanwhile, a majority of all Palestinians said the Western-brokered peace process with Israel is no longer of interest to them, a fact bolstered by last month's unilateral attempt by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to gain recognition of Palestinian independence at the UN.

Nearly 77 percent of Palestinians were pleased with Abbas' stunt, though most (67.1%) expect the Americans to use their Security Council veto to squash the motion.

Most Palestinians (69.6%) believe the reason America will veto their unilateral statehood bid is because Washington no longer cares about peace in the region. Nor are they too keen on the European Union, with 57.8 percent of respondents saying the Europeans are no more reliable at peace brokers than the US (Israel Today).

This poll indicates that the Palestinians are looking to go back to violence rather than pursue a peaceful negotiated solution.  That would be just fine with Israel, but they know the international community would view Israel's use of self defense as a Libyan government style crackdown against a civilian population.  Meaning, Israel would quickly become an international target and placed in the same category as Libya.  And if the international community decides to take action against Syria, Israel  may very well be next, especially if the UN ultimately recognizes Palestine.  

Many may not know this, but the Palestinians are also trying to gain membership into a lesser UN organization known as UNESCO which is a U.N. cultural agency. UNESCO, against strong US objections, will vote on whether to admit the proposed Palestinian state as a member by the end of the month. If they vote in favor, which is expected, that would be a victory toward the PA's eventual goal of UN recognition. UNESCO membership is widely viewed as a stepping stone to full UN membership.

If the UN does vote to recognize Palestine, it's going to be very interesting to see how the world reacts when they attempt to take control of the West Bank territory and Israel resists.  Will there be calls for the use of international force against Israel as there was in Libya?  Here's something else to think on. If the world collectively chooses to overthrow Assad in Syria, that would undoubtedly place a tremendous amount of pressure on Israel to give into a peace settlement and allow for the creation of a Palestinian state or face international consequences.  

Here's the other side of the coin.  If the US does choose to veto UN recognition of a Palestinian state, they will completely lose the remaining credibility they have in the Islamic world.  Essentially, their leadership role in any future Middle East peace process is over.  If this does happen, I believe it will open up the door for the European Union to step in and take a leadership role with the blessing of the US.  With the recent announcement that virtually all US troops will be pulled out of Iraq by the end of the year, President Obama seems to be signaling he may be washing his hands of the region.  That's very bad news for Iraq given Iran is eager to turn it into another proxy state. With his political life hanging in the balance could an Afghanistan pullout be next?

The Bible says the Antichrist will rise up out of a revived Roman Empire (Daniel 9:25-27).  Could we be in the beginning stages of this prophecy transforming before our eyes?  I certainly wouldn't count it out.  

Lastly, the Bible says the kingdom of the Antichrist will comprise of ten nations (Daniel 7:24; Revelation 17:12-14).  At this time, the European Union has 27 member countries with 17 participating in the eurozone.  Could the eurozone crisis ultimately trim the EU down to ten nations in the near future?

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Terry Malone
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