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Jordan's Abdullah: Egypt Could Break Its Peace Treaty With Israel 

Egypt could break its peace treaty with Israel amid recent Mideast turmoil, Jordanian King Abdullah II said in an interview earlier this week, saying that his country was effectively the "last man standing" in maintaining ties with Jerusalem.

In a further interview he gave to CNN last week, Abdullah also said that a lack of American support of attempts to resume negotiations could leave "a vacuum," adding that "whenever there is a status quo, there’s usually a war."

However, in an interview with the Washington Post, Abdullah also referred to the possible effects or recent Mideast turmoil on Israel's long-standing peace treaty with Egypt.

Asked on whether or not he felt Egypt could break the treaty, the Jordanian king said: "That is a very, very strong possibility," adding that Jordan will continue to maintain its treaty with Israel because it "helps both parties."

Referring to the Arab Spring's effect on Israel, Abdullah said: "It is a disaster."

"You have seen what has happened in Egypt; you have seen Turkey. We are actually the last man standing with our relationship with Israel. That puts tremendous pressure on Jordan," he added (

Jordan is realistically the last country that is coming out and admitting they still stand with Israel.  Frankly, they have never stood with Israel, but like all other Islamic countries, have been unable to uproot them from their land.

King Abdullah II further stated that the lull in the peace process has created a dangerous vacuum that could lead to war.  I have to believe the tensions that have developed over the course of 2011 through the so-called Arab Spring are a precursor to war.  Whether it will be the Battle of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38 & 39) or the Psalm 83 war is unknown.  Certainly, no one knows the timing of future events but it appears to be sooner than later.  

In other developments, the US has asked Jerusalem to freeze all new construction to help in the fight to defeat Palestine's bid for UN recognition and jumpstart renewed peace talks.  Reports indicate that they have turned down the US request.  For the Palestinians, this has been a precondition if they are to return to talks. My concern is, this Israeli refusal could become a reason for the US to ultimately side with the Palestinians down the road on UN recognition.

Pope Benedict XVI has gathered 300 religious leaders of various beliefs in a call for world peace.  This is a precursor to an eventual one world religion. Once the church has been raptured, this religious organization will flourish, but in the end, will be cut off by the Antichrist (Revelation 13:8).  It's also interesting, just a few days ago, the Vatican also called for a one world financial government as well.  Some Bible scholars believe that the Catholic Church could be Mystery Babylon (Revelation 17-18).

Breaking News: Breaking from previous position, J'lem willing to come forward with comprehensive plan within three months; follows Blair meeting (

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding I may have created in my previous video. 

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