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IAEA Report: Iran Has Nuclear Weapons Or Is On The Brink

Details from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report regarding the Iranian nuclear program continue to leak. Intelligence provided to the United Nations' nuclear watchdog agency shows that Iran has mastered the critical steps needed to build a nuclear weapon, The Washington Post reported on Sunday.

According to the intelligence, Iran appears to have received crucial technical assistance from foreign experts, the newspaper reported, citing Western diplomats and nuclear experts briefed on the findings by the IAEA (YNETNEWS).

New revelations from US intelligence sources confirm day by day that Iran has attained a nuclear weapon capability: Implosion experiments at Parchin were uncovered Sunday; its six-year old ability to build detonators for triggering a nuclear chain reaction, reported Monday. Stuxnet  which invaded Natanz in June 2010 delayed but did not derail Iran's forward march towards a weapon. The US president and Israeli prime minister vowed never to let Iran attain a nuclear capability. So what are they going to do now (Debkafile)?

When the IAEA reports on Iran's nuclear program this week, it looks to undercover advancements that the agency previously had not disclosed.  One fear is that Iran has mastered the development of an atom bomb trigger and computer modeling of a nuclear weapon.  They also may have acquired critical technology that would allow them to quickly assemble a nuclear bomb. 

The battle lines have been drawn and it looks certain Iran will acquire nuclear weapons technology.  Although the international community may protest and sanction Iran further, I don't see that deterring their quest.  It will take a precision military strike to prevent them from achieving their goal, and even then, it will only set them back by a few years.

Much will be determined before the end of 2011.  

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Terry Malone
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