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Satan's Plan For Every Christian: Lead You To Sin, Confusion, & Ineffectiveness!

I decided to contact you because I found the question from someone who was wondering if God had saved them or not because they kept sinning.  I sort of have a similar question about my own salvation and was hoping you could help me with a few things I have concerns about.

My problem is that I don't know if I was born again or not, or if I'm saved or ever will be saved. I'll try to give you a better explanation than that though.

For the past 3-4 years, I had been writing stories about magic and sorcery and posted them to a site online where people critiqued my writing. But earlier this year, I randomly became disturbed by the thought of what I was writing. I cannot remember exactly how it came about, but something reminded me about the condemnation of sorcery and witchcraft. And I felt that by writing them and having other people reading them as well was just as bad a sin. So I got scared, and pulled all of them down and prayed for God to forgive me.

From that point,  I decided to rededicate my life. I've been reading my bible almost daily now. 

What do you believe about salvation? Could I lose it? Am I saved right now, and how can I tell if I am?

Another thing that worries me is the concept of predestination- what if I wasn't predestined? Can all of my effort to find God and live as a Christian be in vain? Or is the fact that I'm trying indicate I am of the elect?


I would be happy to answer your questions:

What do you believe about salvation? Could I lose it? Am I saved right now, and how can I tell if I am?

I believe you can't lose your salvation.  Any time you ask the Lord for forgiveness He hears your prayer and answers it immediately.  If you have received Jesus as Savior, and I believe you have, you are saved.  Why do I believe you are saved?  Satan certainly didn't convict and put in your mind that dabbling in witchcraft is Biblically wrong, that was the Holy Spirit within you. People who are saved are concerned that they are walking in the will of the Lord.  If you were living in a consistent lifestyle of sin with no desire to change I would then doubt your salvation.  You would have no fruit.  Fruit is an important indicator of whether or not a person is truly saved.  For this reason, many today believe they are saved just because they at one time prayed a recited prayer of salvation without any real heart change.  They're not seeking the Lord nor are they living a righteous life.

You didn't challenge God, but you did sin.  I John 2:1-2 states that forgiveness is yours through Jesus if you ask.

A Christian is a person who has received Jesus as Savior, repented of sin, and turned to Him. One of Satan's biggest ways of keeping you off track as a Christian is to pull you into sin, and when you realize it and repent, he brings confusion into your life.  That's one of the pitfalls of falling for Satan's traps.  He knows he can never have you, but if he can get you to dabble in sin, he knows that leads to confusion in the life of a Christian. You're not alone.  I have experienced this confusion more than a few times.  This confusion causes you to become paralyzed with fear leading you to become an ineffective Christian and fills you with worry.  That is Satan's ultimate goal for every Christian.  

So what is the remedy to this situation?  Believe you are saved based on the Word of God and not on what your mind is telling you.  You became a Christian based on faith.  That faith is just as real and true today as it was the day you got saved.  Nothings changed as far as the Lord is concerned.  Now you have to believe it.

Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost (Titus 3:5).

One more thing...the day you got saved you immediately became pre-destined for heaven.  Never to be changed or revoked.  Your direction has changed.

I hope this has given you peace regarding your faith in the Lord.

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Terry Malone
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