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Prophecy Alert: Israel Says US Making Secret Deals With Iran Regarding Nuclear Program

Debkafile is reporting that there has been a misunderstanding between Israel and the United States as to what Israel had expected to be presented to Iran as part of negotiations in Istanbul over the weekend.  Apparently, Israel is of the mind that the US and Iran are engaging in behind-the-scenes secret talks that have culminated in agreements.

"The row surfaced Sunday when Netanyahu said the US and world powers by agreeing to hold more talks in Baghdad next month had given Tehran a "freebie" of five more weeks to continue enriching uranium without restrictions (Debkafile)."

The Obama administration shot back saying that Israeli officials had been fully briefed on what was to be laid out for Iran.

"The American official told Haaretz that in the weeks prior to the Istanbul conference, detailed discussions were held with Israel, both face to face and by telephone, on coordination of the approach to the talks. In addition, it was noted that the head of the U.S. delegation to the talks, Wendy Sherman, fully briefed Israel's ambassador in Washington, Michael Oren, by phone several hours after the talks concluded in Turkey (Haaretz)." 

Iran is asking the US lead delegation to lift sanctions if they want to bring these negotiations to a quick resolution.  "If the West wants to build trust, it should begin with sanctions, because it can help speed up the talks reaching a solution," [Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar] Salehi was quoted as saying (AFP).

By July of this year, the European Union and United States will be fully implementing sanctions again Iran. Frankly, I believe Iran is looking to make a deal with the West to avoid these upcoming sanctions.  The US may be in the process of cutting corners that may not be favorable to the Israeli administration in order to gain a quick settlement with Iran.

Round two of the negotiations with the six major powers and Iran will pick up again in Baghdad on May 23rd.  It will be interesting to see if Iran truly is serious about coming to a resolution, making a final agreement, and what an agreement of this nature would entail.  

Will it meet Israel's satisfaction or will it be an agreement they will have to learn to live with?  Of course, many believe this is just another Iranian stalling tactic, and maybe it is. Time will tell.

I believe Iran could be on the verge of coming to a compromise with the West on their nuclear program. I feel it could possibly play a major part in the Antichrist's future peace proposal (Daniel 9:27). Certainly, the Bible does not indicate when that will take place, however, I do believe we could be living in the season.

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