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Iran at UN: Israel planning on striking our nuclear sites; Will the US intervene?

Israel has given the United States until late 2009 to stop Iran's nuclear program through diplomacy.  After that, they say they will be forced to act militarily.  With that said, questions have swirled whether or not Russia has sold the sophisticated S-300 antimissile system to Iran despite Russian claims that they have not delivered the system.  Western military analysts are skeptical of Russia's claim and believe that the system may already be deployed.  I tend to believe this is the case despite the United States official position that they have not been delivered.  It's likely the US is placating to the Iranians in an attempt to improve relations with Iran.  According to multiple reports, the US is in the process of changing their position toward Iran's nuclear program and will now allow them to continue with the enrichment process in the midst of negotiations.  The previous administration refused to negotiate with Iran until all enrichment activities ceased.  US President Obama believes that this change in policy will lay the groundwork for a more trusting relationship between the two countries.

According to the Center for Strategic & International Studies, a prestigious Washington think tank, if Israel decides to attack Iran's nuclear facilities they have all the necessary tools in place to be successful.  In fact, in their report, they believe it is no longer necessary for Israel to strike out at dozens of nuclear sites as previously thought.  In their estimation, striking out at seven to nine key installations would cripple Iran's nuclear program for years to come.

US special envoy, George Mitchell, will be in Jerusalem on Wednesday and is expected to apply pressure on the new Netanyahu government to continue on the road that was laid out in Annapolis back in 2007 for a two state solution.  The European Union and United States are calling on Israel to honor their commitments and continue the process.  Both global governments are expected to exert heavy pressure on Israel in the coming months.  I have to believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu will be forced to bow to global pressure if Israel is to stay in the good graces of the United States and avoid world condemnation and sanctions.  Frankly, as far as the world is concerned, without the protective hand of the United States, Israel is a sitting duck.  

I believe we are in the process of witnessing the US quickly turning toward building a relationship with the Islamic world while toughening their stance against Israel to adhere to a two state solution.  I have to admit, Israel is headed for some very tough days ahead no matter how they respond.  Although I do not believe the Bible supports an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities... it could happen.   Avoiding this possible nuclear catastrophe could be the catalyst that finally forces the Islamic world and Israel to come together in peace.  I would assume that both the US and EU would take the responsibility of guaranteeing that the peace process sticks and remains strong.  Meaning, they will militarily enforce the provisions of the treaty or cease-fire.  I tend to believe it will be a seven-year cease-fire that will give the Antichrist ample time to work out the multiple provisions of the peace process.  This will include the division of land in the West Bank, (possibly) Golan Heights, and finally Jerusalem.  According to Zechariah 12:3, it says, "Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.  And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it."  This leads me to believe that Jerusalem will be the reason behind why the world will march against Israel at the final war at Armageddon.  Whether it will be due to Israel's ultimate refusal to share Jerusalem with the Palestinian state or not is speculation, but according to Scripture, Jerusalem will play a significant part as we head toward the end-times.

In other news, Quartet Middle East envoy, Tony Blair, is traveling the world promoting his new faith foundation.  He states that this is not just a one or two-year project but something he will be pushing for the rest of his life.  Mr. Blair believes that people need to understand religion and the different religions of the world need to understand their differences.  "I believe this whole issue to do with inter-faith is absolutely where the 21st Century needs to be in social and cultural terms," he says.

"So I've got a very clear strategic sense of it as well. A powerful sense of mission on it. Every bit as powerful as I felt in politics."  BBC

Some are very skeptical at this world political leader who has recently transformed into a 'religious campaigner'.

Whether or not Mr. Blair will be thrown back onto the world political, and now religious stage, is yet to be seen.  A number of things need to be pointed out regarding this man... 1) He is presently the lead negotiator for the Middle East peace process representing the quartet (US, EU, Russia, & UN), 2) He is the front runner to become the first permanent president of the European Union, and 3) He is on a mission to unite the religions of the world through his faith foundation.

About a year or so back, I changed my position regarding Mr. Blair as to whether he should be considered a person of interest for the end times.  Whether or not he will play a lead role I cannot say, but he is definitely someone to keep an eye on in these last days.

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Terry Malone

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