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Will Israel Strike Iran Or Will It Be Averted?

Addressing US marines, Wednesday, April 16, US defense secretary Robert Gates said: "A strike probably would delay Tehran's nuclear program one to three years, it would unify Iranians, cement their determination to have a nuclear program and also build into the whole country an undying hatred of whoever hits them." Debkafile

Thank you for your prophecy reports.  I think they are well written and greatly needed at this time as we enter the Last Days.  

Looking at the current events and the unfolding conflicts happening as we speak…

Israel is stuck in a position with Iran.  They cannot (and I believe will not) allow Iran to have a finished nuclear weapon.  Iran’s nuclear industry is built and supplied by Russia in exchange for badly needed oil contracts.  If (when?) Israel strikes the nuclear facilities of Iran, Russia will be directly, if only monetarily, bound to go to war against Israel.  Even though they probably do not want to go to war with Israel they will do so under pressure from Iran.  In fact this is the point I am getting to:

Ezekiel 38 says regarding Gog: “I will put hooks in your mouth, and bring thee forth”.  Not a “willing” encounter at all, but a forced battle against Israel.  Forced by Iran with a strangle hold on Russia’s main oil supply, and a huge investment in their atomic program.

We know that Ezekiel 38 must still happen.  Do you think this could be it?  If so, do you think Ezekiel 38 is a direct prelude to the tribulation? (Israel burns the weapons of war for seven years)

But, in thinking about burning weapons for seven years, does Israel viably exist for the full seven years?

Personally, I believe Israel will be at a time of peace within their own land when this war takes place (Ezekiel 38:8, 11 & 14).  So I believe it will take place just after the tribulation period begins sometime in the first half.  That's not to say that Israel will not strike Iran's facilities encountering a huge retaliation from Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, and Hamas.  That could be the catalyst that finally forces the world to deal with this situation once and for all.  It could be in the form of a 7-year cease-fire in which Israel and the Islamic world agrees to.  During this 7-year cease-fire all parties will cease hostilities for 7-years in order to create a Palestinian state and to eventually divide Jerusalem as the capital of both Palestine and Israel.  But as Zechariah 12:2-3 states, in the end, I do not believe Israel will go through with their agreement to divide Jerusalem.  This, I believe, will bring the whole world down on Jerusalem to take it by force.  

Will Russia come into this war out of obligation to Iran?  I personally believe that the hooks are an indication that Russia is a willing partner whose only interest in Israel is to take a spoil.  At this time, I do not see anything that Russia could spoil, but that could change quickly.   

Will Israel strike Iran?  As far as the US is concerned, they will do everything in their power to prevent this from happening.  I don't believe they will strike.  Frankly, if they were going to strike Iran, I fill they would have done it during the US presidential interim period from November 08 to January 09.  It's also possible that in anticipation of a strike a last minute deal is struck to prevent Israel from bombing Iran's facilities.

Certainly, this is speculation.  When the antichrist takes control his motives for coming against Jerusalem may not even consider the Palestinian state.  Many things will change once Christian's and the Holy Spirit are taking from the world.  There are still many details we just don't know.  But I do feel that this showdown with Iran could create a global urgency to bring peace to the region.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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