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Jordan's King Abdullah proposes plan for ME peace to Obama: Recognition by as many as 57 states in exchange for Palestinian state

Jordan's King Abdullah has a proposition for the new Israeli prime minister, Benyamin Netanyahu: The payoff for a two-state solution to the Palestinian problem is that Israel will get a 23-state solution, or even a 57-state solution--in the form of recognition by nations that don't now have diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.

The Jordanian monarch made his case for a regional approach to peacemaking in an interview at his Washington hotel Thursday. He outlined some of the ideas he had shared earlier this week in private meetings with President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"The prize for Israel is 57 states," the Jordanian monarch said. He said his regional approach was "the best way of guaranteeing the long-term security of Israel."

Abdullah said it was crucial, given Arab frustration with the failure of the Annapolis process under President Bush, that Obama move quickly to direct negotiations over final-status issues. "Today, the 'peace process' is over, finished. What we're talking about is an endgame--direct to negotiations," he said.

Abdullah said he hoped the Obama administration would adopt this regional framework, and that President Obama would launch a process of negotiations this summer, before he loses the glow of popularity he now commands in the Arab world.

"The tremendous good will the president has in the Middle East, the hope that's out there, will quickly switch is we go past mid-summer and nothing has been announced. Early signals are crucial," the king said.  Washington Post

Jordan King Abdullah's regional framework proposal is a page out of Bible prophecy.  Essentially, the plan states that as many as 57 states, of whom Israel presently has no diplomatic relationship with, will agree to recognize Israel and normalize diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.  King Abdullah has briefly discussed his plan with US President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this week in private meetings.

"Israel now has to make its choice to integrate into the region ... with normal relations with its neighbors or to remain fortress Israel," the king said, Reuters reported.  Foxnews

Abdullah stated that the Arab world is becoming increasingly more 'frustrated' with the Annapolis Roadmap and are ready to move on to direct negotiations over final status issues.  According to king Abdullah, it is crucial that something be no later than the end of summer 2009.  "The tremendous good will the president has in the Middle East, the hope that's out there, will quickly switch if we go past mid-summer and nothing has been announced. Early signals are crucial," the king said.  Washington Post

Daniel 9:27 speaks of a prince that will come (Antichrist) in the latter days who will confirm a covenant with many for seven years.  Bible scholar and author, J. Dwight Pentecost, published his book Things To Come back in 1958... ten short years after Israel was reborn as a nation.  This is what he had to say regarding the peace process we are witnessing today:

According to Daniel 9:26-27 the Prince of the Roman Empire will make a covenant with Israel for a seven-year period.  This covenant evidently restores Israel to a place among the nations of the world and the integrity of Israel is guaranteed by the Roman powers.  This is not only an attempt to settle the long-standing dispute among the nations as to Israel's claim to Palestine, but is also a satanic imitation of a fulfillment of the Abrahamic covenant which gave Israel title deed to the land. (Dunham Publishing Company, 1958, p. 342)

The Antichrist will one day step on the global stage and confirm or make strong a covenant with Israel that will include many other nations.  Behind the might and power of his federated kingdom, he will give validity and strength to this covenant.  This proposal that King Abdullah has presented to the president seems to be a mirror image of what prophecy experts have been for years stating would happened.

President Obama will be visiting Jerusalem in June for a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  The two will also be getting together in May to set the stage for their June meeting that most experts believe will be a very pivotal moment for Middle East peace.

Only time will tell if King Abdullah's 57-state solution will go forward in the Middle East peace process.  But the Bible is clear that something on these same lines will be agreed upon at some future point.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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