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UN Security Council unanimously endorses a statement Monday calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state

The UN Security Council unanimously endorsed a letter calling for the creation of a Palestinian state and for peace negotiations to be held in Russia later this year lead by the quartet.  They also agreed that all previous negotiations held by the previous Israeli administration would be considered binding and irreversible. Jpost  

Egyptian newspapers are calling for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to stop with the "foot dragging" and come to terms with the reality of a Palestinian state.

"The president's comments conveyed the message that the goal is clear the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel," Muhammad Ali Ibrahim wrote in his article. "There is no turning back and there is no possibility of trying new things or postponing the implementation of what past Israeli governments had agreed on under the pretense that Likud (Netanyahu's party) was not a part of the decision-making process." Ynetnews

We will know if Prime Minister Netanyahu has come to this reality very soon.  The Obama administration has confirmed that the president will be holding face to face talks with Mr. Netanyahu on May 18th, followed by Egyptian President Mubarak on May 26th, and finally with Palestinian Authority President Abbas on May 28th.  

Personally, I believe the world has spoken and there is very little Mr. Netanyahu can do.  He will have to come to Washington with the mindset that a Palestinian state is a done deal or face an isolation that I don't believe he is willing to accept.  Unfortunately, this is a much different US administration from those of the past who does not regard Israel as a friend but as an impediment to their goals.  

Does this mean we are staring in the face of the prophesied peace accord that will start the seven-year tribulation period?  Could be... but, not necessarily.  Let me explain.  This might not be the peace accord that the Antichrist will bring but only the time of peace described in Ezekiel 38:11-12.  This passage says (speaking of the last days) that Israel will be living in a time of peace and safety when the Russian-Islamic attack takes place (War of Gog and Magog).  This war may or may not take place during the tribulation period.  If it takes place before, many believe the rapture could happen in the middle of this war as the Lord miraculously comes to protect Israel.  Following the war, Israel could rebuild their temple, and at a later point, the Antichrist could make peace with Israel and many.  I would assume that the Islamic world would be more than willing to sign a peace accord following the miraculous defeat they had just experienced.  

That's just one scenario.  Things that should come out of this possible peace accord, if it truly is the peace that the Antichrist will bring, is a seven-year time limit, the advent of the two Jewish witnesses, a great revival in Jerusalem that will produce 144,000 male witnesses, and the rebuilding of the Temple within 3 1/2 years.  The temple must be rebuilt within 3 1/2 years of the start of the tribulation period in order for the Antichrist to desecrate it at the midway point.  No Temple, no tribulation period! It's that simple.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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