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Portions of Obama ME Peace Plan Unveiled

The Palestinian Authority officials said that Obama will go further than presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton in that he will prejudge the outcome of negotiations by calling for Israel to fully surrender those areas of Jerusalem that were illegally occupied by Jordan from 1948-1967.

America’s last two presidents refrained from calling for the redivision of Jerusalem, aware of how unpopular that option is with Israelis in general, and acknowledging that the current agreements between Israel and the Palestinians say that the future status of Jerusalem is a matter for bilateral negotiations.

The new Obama plan will also reportedly include a firm timetable for the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state that will not be adversely affected by ongoing Palestinian violence.  Israel Today

CIA Director Leon Panetta on Wednesday said that Israel knows better than to launch a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities without a green light from Washington.

Speaking to Global Viewpoint, Panetta acknowledged his recent trip to Jerusalem to talk down Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and said he is certain the Israeli leader understands that a solo Israeli raid on Iran would mean “big trouble” for his country.

Panetta insisted that Israel cannot militarily take on the Iran nuclear threat alone, though several Israeli military experts have said just the opposite over the past year.  Israel Today

In three weeks, US President Obama will unveil his Middle East Peace Plan.  Before that, he will be meeting with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas to gain from their insight.  Here are a few details of what is expected to be a part of the plan :

Yediot reported that Obama's vision for an independent, democratic and contiguous Palestinian state would not have its own army and would be forbidden from making military agreements with other states, in order to provide for Israel's security.

The matter of borders would be solved with territorial exchanges between Israel and the Palestinians, and the Old City of Jerusalem would be established as an international zone.

The initiative would require the Palestinians to give up their claim of a "right of return," according to Yediot, and Europe and the US would arrange compensation for refugees, including foreign passports for those residing abroad.

Obama's plan would also promote holding simultaneous talks between Israel and the Palestinians, and Syria and Lebanon. Yediot said that when such talks come to an agreement on Palestinian statehood, diplomatic and economic relations would be established between Israel and Arab states.

The report added that in his Cairo address, Obama would reiterate calls for Israel to cease all settlement construction.

It will take a miracle to convince Arab states to agree to give up Palestinian refugee "right of return" even if they are handsomely rewarded for doing so.  And at the same time, I don't expect Israel to ever agree to allow Palestinians to reclaim any part of Israel proper.  We'll have to wait and see how this part of the proposal is received.

One other aspect of the plan is that it will have a firm timetable for it to be completed.  The Bible says that the coming peace accord with the Antichrist, Israeli, and many (Daniel 9:27), will have a specific timeframe of seven-years.  Whether or not this will turn out to be the peace agreement only time will tell, but it is clear, when it does surface, a time limit will be in place for its completion.  

President Obama is expected to unveil his plan on June 4th.   

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Terry Malone

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