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US may stop supporting Israel at UN

The head of Israelís Military Intelligence Research Division on Monday said that Iran is just one year away from having everything it needs to assemble an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Israeli Military Intelligence says Iran is clearly ahead of mistaken international estimates of its nuclear program  Israel Insider

Senior US officials this week warned that the Obama Administration will discontinue Americaís traditional defense of Israel at the United Nations if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not agree to stop building homes for Jews in Judea and Samaria.

The officials were quoted by the New York Times as saying US President Barack Obama is seriously considering no longer vetoing harsh anti-Israel resolutions in the UN Security Council if Netanyahu does not meet his demands regarding the natural growth of Jewish towns beyond the pre-1967 borders.  Israel Today

Israeli intelligence sources are claiming that despite world military estimates Iran is only one year away from producing a nuclear weapon.  Certainly, it will not be on the level of Israel's nuclear arsenal but it does pose a significant threat.  You can bet global estimates are inaccurate and Iran will soon be announcing an underground nuclear test as North Korea did back in May.

I have been waiting for this announcement for months.  According to Obama administration officials, the US may no longer veto "harsh anti-Israel resolutions in the UN Security Council" if the Netanyahu administration continues to refuse to cooperate with world demands that they step in line with the future creation of a Palestinian state.  

This shouldn't be a shock to any of my regular readers.  This is something I have been expecting since President Obama took office.  On June 4th, the president will be making an important speech from Cairo.  He is expected to reach out to the Islamic world and to address portions of a future ME peace proposal.  I look for him to start applying considerable pressure on Israel to step in line with his plan.  Don't be shocked if UN sanctions against Israel are brought before the Security Council in the very near future, and for the first time, the US may not be there to come to their rescue.

This would be a nightmare for Netanyahu and I see him giving in quickly...or being forced out of office.  Be sure to watch President Obama's speech on June 4th.  It won't bring peace but it likely will push it closer.

Actually, I don't see peace coming until Christians are gone.  In fact, the current peace proposals have all been rejected right from the beginning and will continue be so.  I don't see that changing until after the rapture of the church.  It won't be until Satan is allowed to take control of this world that a previously rejected ME peace plan will suddenly become the answer.  Frankly, I don't necessarily believe that the plan will change all that much if any.  What will change is the great deceiver, Satan, will now be in charge.  The Bible says, with the Holy Spirit out of the way, he will easily deceive the nations into buying his plan (II Thessalonians 2:1-11).  Could we be on the brink of the rapture of the church?

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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