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Obama hopeful of Mideast peace progress this year; Is he the one the world seeks?

US President Obama's speech, delivered in Cairo yesterday, did render some negative responses but overall it was a global success.  There has been much speculation as to where this speech will lead us next.  Certainly, if President Obama fails to go forward with tough negotiations or if negotiations flounder at the first roadblock it will lose steam and set the region further back.  If he is to succeed where his predecessors have failed, he will need to employee all the resources at his disposal.  

Personally, I do believe President Obama's speech will move this peace process forward.  Whether he will be the one who will bring the seven-year peace prophesied in the Bible (Daniel 9:27) or just a Palestinian state is unknown.  Yes, they very well could be two different events.  Let me explain.  President Obama may only accomplish establishing a Palestinian state.  This alone will take time to completely get in order.  Many supposed illegal Israeli settlements will have to be uprooted and resettled into other areas.  A viable Palestinian government will have to be created and bolstered if they are to be successful, and East Jerusalem will have to be turned over to the Palestinians within an agreed upon timeframe.  A major factor of this scenario will be whether or not a concrete timeline is established for which everything must be put into place.  If no concrete timeline is established, I would probably lean toward labeling this as the time of peace and safety for Israel as described in Ezekiel 38:8, 11 & 14.  If this is the case, shortly after the creation of Palestine, I look for the Russian-Islamic Alliance to come crashing down on Israel (Ezekiel 38 & 39).  

Here's a side is unclear whether any nation will come to the aid of Israel during their hour of desperation, but for the sake of making a point, let's say that Israel prepares themselves for the worst and readies their entire military and nuclear arsenal for an all-out-attack.  Let's go a step further.  Let's say that the US and EU both assemble their forces to confront this invasion.  Here's the exciting won't matter!  Ezekiel 38:14-23 states clearly that God will perform an astounding miracle before this battle even commences (without any outside intervention) and completely destroys the invading armies in the mountains of Israel.  This victory will be so earthshaking that verse 23 says the whole world will see it as coming from God and the Lord will be magnified among the nations.  They will know that He is Lord.  

Following this great victory, Israel will likely assemble their military, reclaim land lost through ill-advised treaties and even further expand their boundaries beyond the West Bank.  They will recapture all the holy sites including the Temple Mount.  From that day forward, Israel will be seen as a nation to fear and I believe that God will begin to bless them on a whole new level...but they will still be in at least partial spiritual blindness.  

From this new global fear of Israel, the real peace agreement with many that the antichrist will bring may spring forth. Who this antichrist will be is yet future.  I would speculate that this new peace would not immediately come, but when it does, the rapture of the church will have already taken place.

Of course, there is the possibility that we could be witnessing the beginning stages of the long awaited final seven-year peace accord.  Is it possible that this proposed 57-state solution could be the prophesied peace with many (Daniel 9:27)?  Could President Obama be the Antichrist or will another man step on the stage to deceive the world?  That and other questions are still yet to be answered, but we can truly say that we are getting closer and closer to that day.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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