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US to Israel: Agree quickly to creation of Palestinian state or risk harsher, less favorable agreement down the road

US President Barack Obama is asking the world to continue to put pressure on all the players involved in the creation of a Palestinian state to uphold their end of the plan.  He is also calling for the Israeli's and the Palestinian's to make difficult concession in order for the two peoples to successfully live side by side.

Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal believes the US could help things along if they would just put a little financial pressure on Israel.  When asked whether the US should withhold funds until Israel agreed to a peace plan calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state Faisal said, "Why not? If you give aid to someone and they indiscriminately occupy other people's lands, you bear some responsibility."

Faisal said relations with Israel were contingent upon a peace deal with the Palestinians. "We don't have anything to offer Israel except normalization, and if we put that before the return of Arab land we are giving away the only chip in the hands of Arab countries," he said.

The word in Jerusalem is that the US is leaving Israel no choice but to fall headlong into an agreement to create a Palestinian state.  Government sources in Jerusalem also told Israel Radio that the quicker Israel adopts the road map for peace as the preferred diplomatic initiative, the more likely it will ward off American pressure to concede to a Palestinian state within the framework of an alternative plan that is less agreeable to Israel.

In other news, Iran is moving at a much faster pace than previously estimated by the IAEA.  More than 7,000 uranium-enriching centrifuges were installed at Natanz, adding an extra 2,000 from February, the agency has found.

At this rate, 10,000 centrifuges will be spinning at Natanz with a capacity to enrich enough uranium for 2 bombs by the end of the year, double the IAEA's modest estimate by its own figures. Debkafile

Iran will continue to produce low grade uranium and add centrifuges as long as the world is naive enough to believe they are doing so for peaceful means.  It's no secret that uranium can be processed into low-grade enriched uranium and later be further enriched into weapons grade.  The transformation only takes a few months.

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Terry Malone

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