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Mitchell: Obama wants 'immediate' peace talks; Saudis Pushing Obama to Force Israel Into Peace Deal

The pro US Lebanese government has shocked the world by defeating Hizballah in parliamentary elections.  But there are rumbles that Hizballah could resort to plan B which is to take power by force. 

This election defeat has also been a major setback for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who invested 100 million dollars toward what was projected to be a Hizballah victory.  Some experts believe this could be the final nail in his own election campaign.  He is presently in a very tough re-election fight against a relative unknown, Mir Hossein Mousavi, who cannot be dismissed as just another opponent.  The Iranian presidential election will be held June 12th.

Whether Ahmadinejad wins or loses, it's unlikely that will change the direction of Iran's nuclear program given the real power comes from a higher source in the office of Ali Khamenei.

US President Barack Obama is sending a message through his Middle East envoy George Mitchell that he wants immediate talks to begin between Israel and the Palestinians.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that he is ready, but continues to be evasive on publicly endorsing the creation of a Palestinian state.  Due to intense pressure from the Obama administration, Netanyahu stated that he will be making a major speech on June 14th to layout his own peace plan.  Although it will be interesting to hear what he has to say, I can't believe his plan will be received very well from the Islamic world...and if it's not received well from them...I don't expect Obama to get behind it either.  Clearly, Obama has no intention of upsetting the Islamic world after his June 4th love-fest.

The Saudi's have their own idea about how to move Middle East peace along...force Israel to comply!  Their not alone, most of the Arab world is asking President Obama to impose harsh penalties on Israel if they continue to drag their feet.  There are a number of ways the US could finally break the back of Israel and force them into agreeing to peace:

1.  They could discontinue sending vital fighter jet parts that Israel depends on to keep their Air force running.  Israel does not manufacture its own fighter jets, and for decades, have relied on the US to supply jets and parts to keep them running.  Israel is not allowed to inventory parts due to the top secret technology of the parts.

2.  For half a century, the US has protected Israel from UN sanctions through their permanent veto status.  Recently, reports have been surfacing that the US may stop using their veto power and allow anti-Semitic sanctions to pass.  At present, the US is the only friend Israel has in the UN.

3.  The US has been guaranteeing Israeli loans secured through the IMF for years.  They also have essentially given them 3 billion dollars a year toward US military purchases.  Cutting off military aid to Israel could leave them in a very vulnerable position, especially during this sudden climate change between war or peace.

4.  The US could cut off economic support which would send Israel's international credit rating spiraling downward and into an uncertain future.

According to, the European Union is considering taking forceful measures to push Israel into a peace agreement.  Here is an excerpt of a recent article:

There are also signs the European Union, Israel's biggest export market, could follow the American lead by making a concerted push to prevent products from settlements from receiving tax privileges within the 27-nation bloc.

Michael Sarel, head of economic research at Harel Insurance Investments, noted credit rating reports on Israel regularly cite its perceived U.S. economic "cushion."

In the end, Israel will agree to a Palestinian state and a settlement freeze...and as feared...Palestine will turn into a terrorist haven just as Gaza was.  

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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