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Report: US Threatens to Abandon ME Peace Process If Israel Does Not Meet Settlement Freeze Deadline 

European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana has called for the UN to recognize a Palestinian state within an establish deadline whether Israel likes it or not.

"After a fixed deadline, a UN Security Council resolution should proclaim the adoption of the two-state solution," Solana said, adding this should include border parameters, refugees, control over the city of Jerusalem and security arrangements.

"It would accept the Palestinian state as a full member of the UN, and set a calendar for implementation. It would mandate the resolution of other remaining territorial disputes and legitimize the end of claims," Solana went on.

Advocating a return to Israel's borders before the 1967 Six-Day War with Egypt, Syria and Jordan in which it took the West Bank and other territories, Solana said mediators should set a timetable for a peace agreement.

"If the parties are not able to stick to it (the timetable), then a solution backed by the international community should be put on the table," he said.

Solana also praised Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "for finally generating an Israeli consensus" on a two-state solution.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the Palestinians to relinquish the right of return demand as a prerequisite to a comprehensive peace agreement with Israel.  

The prime minister continued to say, "I long for the day when Palestinian leaders will tell their people 'we have had enough of the conflict. We the Palestinians recognize the Jewish nation's right to its own state in this country. We will live beside you in peace'."

"As soon as these things are said, a huge opportunity for peace will present itself," Netanyahu said during the ceremony.

I look for the Palestinians, and possibly the Arab world, to pay lip service to the international community in order to regain the West Bank land they lost back in 1967.  If they had any sense they would get together and agree to Israel's demands of recognition for the sake of a better foothold for when they finally do attack Israel.  Frankly, I don't think anyone in their right mind actually believes the Palestinians are serious about long-term peace except for the UN.

A leading Lebanese newspaper on Saturday reported that US President Barack Obama had put a deadline on Israel completely freezing the construction of Jewish homes in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem.

The newspaper, An-Nahar, was citing visiting French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, who reportedly told Lebanese officials that if Israel fails to meet Obama's deadline, Washington will end its official support of and involvement in the Middle East peace process.  Israel Today

This is an astonishing development that could play right into the path of Bible prophecy.  In my opinion, I believe the Bible supports the US eventually ending its involvement in the Middle East peace process opening the door for the European Union to take the lead role (Daniel 9:27).  Could it be that the US drops out of the peace process just as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair (and present quartet ME peace envoy) takes office as the first EU president.  Certainly, no one knows who the future Antichrist will be, but who better to bring peace to the region than a former ME peace envoy.  What power, presence, and opportunity he may have lacked before, Satan will now be free to provide him.  Whoever turns out to be this super empowered leader will shock and astonish the world. 

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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