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Blair Officially Becomes UK Candidate For First EU President

It's official, quartet Middle East peace envoy Tony Blair, has been named Britain's candidate to become the first European Union president.  Of course, this position will not exist if the Lisbon Treaty is not ratified this fall by Ireland, but the fact that candidates are beginning to be named is a good sign that many believe it will be approved.

The Bible says that the Antichrist will rise up out of the European Union and come to prominence by making a seven-year peace accord with Israel (Daniel 9:27) and many.  As many of you know, Tony Blair has spent the last several years as the lead negotiator representing the powerful quartet (US, EU, Russia, & UN).  If Mr. Blair does rise to become the first EU president, he will take the position with extensive knowledge of the Middle East peace situation.  Certainly, this is a case of taking present information about a leader and projecting what could happen in the future.  Meaning...just because it looks like it could be a perfect prophetic fit doesn't make it so.  It should also be remembered, whoever turns out to be the Antichrist will have the power of Satan within them.  Even though they may have failed at bringing about Middle East peace in the past, with the power of Satan, they will now succeed.

Lately, I have been hearing calls for a new world order unlike never before (see 7-14-09 news).  Most recently at this weeks Non-Aligned Movement summit where several leaders were calling for world governance to help prevent future global financial meltdowns.  It's no wonder the future Antichrist will rise to power due to other nations lending their power to him (Revelation 17:12-13).  

In other news, the Palestinian Authority has once again begun to demonstrate sovereignty over East Jerusalem by conducting official state activities, such as hosting foreign diplomats.  This is a direct violation of agreements signed by Israel and the Palestinians but it looks like the US is behind the violation.  According to Israel Today, "the same Western powers that have so harshly criticized Israel for building homes for Jews in eastern Jerusalem are ignoring the Palestinian violations."  I have to believe that the division of Jerusalem is all but official.  Frankly, virtually every nation is ready to declare Palestine a state and a full member of the the UN.  

Here's one article that has caught my eye, Without Russia, Europe has no reliable source of gas.  It makes me wonder if the lord is about to open up the flood gates and make Israel Europe's next reliable source of gas.  If you are not aware, Israel has recently uncovered major discoveries in natural gas.  Could Israel be on the brink of finding an even bigger discovery?

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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