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Obama to set binding timetable for Israel-PA talks

Sources are reporting that Syria has told the US they are now ready to get back to the negotiations table with Israel...but a partial return of the Golan Heights is unacceptable...they want it all!  No Golan, no talks!

A deal taking shape between Israel and Western leaders will facilitate international support for an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities in exchange for concessions in peace negotiations with the Palestinians and Arab neighbors, The Times reported Thursday.  According to one British official quoted by the paper, such an understanding could allow an Israeli attack "within the year."  

The report in the UK paper quoted unnamed diplomats as saying Israel was prepared to offer concessions on the formation of a Palestinian state as well as on its settlement policy and "issues" with Arab neighbors, in exchange for international backing for an Israeli operation in Iran.

"Israel has chosen to place the Iranian threat over its settlements," one senior European diplomat said.

US President Barack Obama is about to present a timetable for peace to both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.  This will be a binding timetable that will lead negotiations through the completion of the core issues to the final resolution of the conflict.

Anytime a timetable is included in the Middle East peace scenario a prophetic red flag should go up.  The Bible says, that in the last days, Israel would be involved in a peace accord that would have a seven-year time limit attached to it (Daniel 9:27).  I have never heard of an international peace accord placing a time limit on peace.  The usual intent of any peace treaty is that it would last forever.  It's likely that the seven-year timeframe will either be a ceasefire or a framework agreement for which the sides can work toward resolving the conflict within a given period of time.  Anything else just doesn't seem to fit!

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Terry Malone

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