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Wall Street Journal: Israel may attack Iran

The Wall Street Journal has reported that there is a high probability that Israel could strike Iran's nuclear facility soon if the West does not act quickly in curbing there progress.  According to military intelligence website Debkafile, six nations, US, Israel, Britain, France, Netherlands and Japan, provided documentation of Iran's progress toward creating a nuclear bomb to IAEA Director ElBaradei but he failed to include it in his most recent report.  ElBaradei plans on retiring next month and many believe he omitted the new evidence on purpose.  The report by the six nation panel asserts that Iran is running a covert nuclear weapons program parallel to their peaceful nuclear program.   

The material passed to him [ElBaradei] left no doubt that Iran was engaged in developing a nuclear weapon and revealed for the first time that it reached the final stages, weapon design, of the process. But ElBaradei decided to keep it hidden on the pretext of not exposing sources.

One official told DEBKAfile that passing the new information to the IAEA director had compromised its sources anyway so there was no point in holding it back any longer.  Debkafile

The governments will soon calibrate and decide on how much of the information will be released.  According to military sources, Israel doesn't have much time strike.  The longer they wait the harder it will be, but right most agree they are within the time to inflict a lethal blow to Iran's nuclear program long-term.  

"US and Israeli military officials we've spoken to are confident an Israeli strike could deal a significant blow to Iran's programs, even if some elements would survive," the newspaper said. "The longer Israel waits, however, the more steps Iran can take to protect its installations."

Israel may agree to a West Bank settlement freeze by mid-September and is discussing the technical aspects of a deal with the United States, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said on Monday.

Solana also said after meeting the Israeli premier that a summit between the US, Israeli and Palestinian leaders to relaunch the dormant peace process could take place on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly at the end of September. 

"We would like to have this finalised more or less by the 18 or 19 of September," he added.

According to press reports over the past several days, Israel could agree to a temporary and limited freeze, with east Jerusalem exempted and projects already under way allowed to continue.

Senior Palestinian Authority official Nabil Shaath told reporters on Monday that Palestinians will not accept a partial settlement freeze.

"If Obama approves continuing settlement building in Jerusalem, Obama has pulled out of the Middle East peace process," he said.

Shaath also reiterated that the Palestinians would not recognise Israel as a Jewish state, as demanded by Netanyahu as part of a final peace deal.  AFP

Even though reports are coming in that the US and Israel are very close to announcing a freeze on settlements, it does not appear to include East Jerusalem.  That would be a non-starter according to Palestinian officials.  Senior Palestinian representatives today said that if it doesn't include a total freeze of the West Bank and include East Jerusalem that President Obama might as well pull out of the ME peace process.  

Personally, I believe Mr. Obama will eventually be forced to pull out of the Middle East peace process in order to concentrate more fully on worsening domestic concerns.  This will leave the door open for the European Union to come in and pick-up the pieces of the Middle East peace accord.  That likely will not happen until after a European Union permanent president is elected which could be as early as January/February of 2010.  Many believe the Lisbon Treaty could be passed in October of this year making way for a president to be elected in the coming months.  Is it possible that an imminent Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities and a faltering ME peace process could bring about the advent of the coming antichrist?  Certainly, this is a speculative thought, but some day he will rise and shock the world by bringing a far reaching peace accord that previously seemed impossible.  Are we on the cusp of that day?

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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