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Russian report: Netanyahu may be planning attack on Iran

The US chief envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Glyn Davis, said Wednesday, Sept. 9 that ongoing enrichment activity is moving Iran "closer to a dangerous and destabilizing possible breakout capacity." Davis spoke of "serious concerns" in Washington that Iran is now either very near or already has enough low-enriched uranium to produce one nuclear weapon. This could happen if Iran made a decision to further enrich the material to weapons grade.  Debkafile

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been rumored by Russian media to have made a recent emergency trip to Moscow to advice the Kremlin that an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities maybe imminent.   

"At first, Moscow denied a visit ever took place, but after Netanyahu's office was forced to admit to the PM's Military Secretary Meir Kalifi's lie, a senior Kremlin source also confirmed to Kommersant that the Israeli prime minister did indeed visit the city."

Another possible signal that Israel could be planning an attack is the escalation of attacks against the IDF by Hamas.  Recently they have threatened to bring down "fire and iron" upon Israel.  If this is the real thing, Hezbollah is likely to respond next!  It is believed that Hezbollah has over 40,000 rockets secretly hidden along Israel's northern border.

Whether Israel will actually attack Iran is unknown.  This could be nothing more than a bluff in an attempt to get Iran's attention.  Frankly, I do not believe the Bible supports Israel attacking Iran...but it doesn't necessarily have to.  As we know, there have been many Israeli wars that have not been documented by the Bible.

In other news, US President Barack Obama is planning his next Middle East summit for September 22nd at the UN center in New York.  It will include leaders from both the PA and Israel.  The US has made it plain that this summit will officially restart the stalled ME talks.  It also looks like Israel maybe negotiating with a Fatah government that will be representing Hamas.  According to reports, Saudi King Abdullah and Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, are working hard and doing a little of their own arm twisting in order to bring Hamas and Fatah to a joint understanding.  In the end, they look to bring both parties to a workable co-rulership with Fatah representing Hamas at the negotiating table.

Beginning next month, the man responsible for finding Israel's largest natural gas reserve will be switching to oil exploration.  Yitzhak Tshuva of The Delek Group, is convinced there is a major oil find just waiting to be discovered in and around the Dead Sea area.  They are also joined by Zion Oil who believe that Israel will achieve energy independence in the last days.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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