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US targets Russian support on Iran with shield reverse, say experts

In the latest on the US change of heart not to deploy a European missile defense shield, it has become apparent that the decision was more about Russia's control over Iran than military goodwill between the two countries.  The US wants Russia to step in and put the kibosh on Iran's nuclear ambitions and seem to be willing to take drastic measures in order to accomplish this.  That includes abandoning their friends in the region and demoting Israel to fourth place on the US scale of defense priorities.  In a Debkafile report, senior US army chief Gen. Cartwright placed Israel in fourth place on America's scale of defense priorities - below "our NATO allies," as part of US president Barack Obama's decision to abandon the anti-Iran missile shield in East Europe. Defense minister Ehud Barak, overreaching himself to line up with the Obama line in Washington, removed Iran from the list of threats to Israel's survival.  Debkafile

According to this new US intelligence assessment, Iran's ability to obtain long-range ballistic missile technology capable of reaching the US has been updated to the year 2020.  Therefore, no immediate risk is seen in the near future...that is against the US.  But not so fast, top Pentagon official, Henry Obering, retired head of the missile defense agency, has a different take on the policy shift.  He said he was very surprised by the new assessment which "was dramatically different from what we were told last spring. To me, it flies in the face of what is observable," he said.  He called the Obama administration's hope for Moscow to reciprocate by influencing the Iranians to disarm or not pursue their nuclear program as risky. "There are a lot of eggs in that basket," Obering warned.  Debkafile

I would encourage you to go to the Debkafile article and read it in full.  This is a good look at the secular view of what will lead up to the future Battle of Gog and Magog prophesied in Ezekiel 38 & 39.  This is just another example of the subtle international foreign policy changes that the vast majority of the world will not pick up...and certainly not as a prelude to Biblical prophecy fulfillment.

If you were wondering what place US President Obama could have in end times Bible prophecy this betrayal could be it!

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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