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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu highly praised US President Barack Obama's speech to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, during which the American leader repeatedly referred to Israel as "the Jewish state" and demanded an end to Palestinian incitement against it.

However, while two of Israel's top peace demands are recognition as a Jewish state and an end to Palestinian incitement, observers noted that Obama did far more to damage Israel's legitimacy by highlighting the "occupation" and Jewish settlements as the root of the conflict.  Israel Today

US President Obama's UN speech is bad news for Israel because even though he addressed Israel as a Jewish state he let it be known to the world that he considered Israel an occupier of the land they have acquired.  This, of course, gives the Islamic world legitimacy and sympathy for their ongoing strife against Israel...the occupiers.  However, this is all a part of God's plan of bringing the Islamic nations together in one accord, led by Russia, to destroy them in the hills of Israel (Ezekiel 38 & 39).  Some believe this Divine destruction may be preceded by the rapture of the church.

There is a great debate going on among global intelligence experts regarding the direction of Iran's nuclear program.

The Germans say they believe that the weapons work was never halted. The French have strongly suggested that independent international inspectors have more information about the weapons work than they have made public.

Meanwhile, in closed-door discussions, American spy agencies have stood firm in their conclusion that while Iran may ultimately want a bomb, the country halted work on weapons design in 2003 and probably has not restarted that effort — a judgment first made public in a 2007 National Intelligence Estimate.

The debate, in essence, is a mirror image of the intelligence dispute on the eve of the Iraq war.  New York Times

Understandably, the US isn't in any hurry to rush to judgment regarding Iran's nuclear progress given their intelligence track record leading up to the Iraqi War.  The outcome of this debate will likely determine if Israel will be allowed to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.  The US holds most of the cards in determining this decision, but lately, a report has surfaced that Saudi Arabia is again willing to allow Israeli jets to fly over their airspace to accomplish this mission.  In the end, I have my doubts the US will allow Israel to carry out this mission.  But make no mistake, we could be literally months away from a potential Middle East showdown.

France has indicated that even if the Irish vote No in their referendum on the Lisbon Treaty on Friday, it will not hinder the European Union from taking steps towards further integration. The comments are similar to recent statements by Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi.

Earlier this month, Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi also advocated the creation of a core of EU states that would push ahead with integration.

"If the Lisbon Treaty on EU reform does not pass, we need to completely revisit the current functioning of Europe to create a core of states that operate beyond unanimity," he said.  EUObserver

On Friday, all of Ireland will go to the polls to determine the fate of the Lisbon Treaty.  This treaty, which must be ratified by every member, determines whether or not the EU will be allowed to go forward with their Constitution...which would include the election of their first permanent president.  If Ireland were to vote it down, many of the EU elite leaders are threatening to move forward with a core EU.  This core of EU nations would be made up of those who meet the requirements of the treaty.  These nations would be made up of the first wave of permanent member nations followed by a second wave that would be gradually incorporated as they fall in line with Lisbon Treaty requirements. 

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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