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Palestinians threaten Israel with 1-state solution

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) - The Palestinians should give up seeking an independent state and pursue a single country in which they would enjoy equal rights with Israelis, the chief Palestinian negotiator in Mideast peace talks said Wednesday.  

Erekat's call for a one-state solution while speaking with reporters in Ramallah on Wednesday appeared to be a scare tactic, fed by frustration with the failure of peace talks to resume. Erekat said growing Jewish settlements are eating away at lands the Palestinians' want for their state.

Therefore, Erekat said, Palestinians "should refocus their attention to the one-state solution, where Muslims, Jews and Christians can live as equals."

In essence, the idea is that Palestinians should stop negotiations, declare Israel to be the sole governing power and demand that it treat all Palestinians under its control as equals - about 5.5 million Jews and roughly the same number of Arabs under one roof.  Myway

The call by chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, for the Palestinians to forego their dream of an independent state (two state solution) in exchange for living as one nation, with Israel being the sole governing power, would be a nightmare in waiting for Israel.  This move would make Palestinians equal with Israelis and eventually would see the Jewish state dissolve into an Islamic nation through a democratic vote.  

This is not a new concept, and fortunately, isn't a popular option on either side of the negotiations table.  I do not see this ever happening, but it could serve to be a very useful bargaining chip in an attempt to hasten Israel into an ill-advised peace agreement.

In other news, the European Union is close to naming who their first president will be.  The frontrunners are believed to be Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Luxembourg's Prime Minister Jean-Claude Junker, and Dutch (The Netherlands) Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende.

The president will be chosen by the 27 member states of the EU by majority vote.  The term of the president will be 2 1/2 years for which he/she can be re-elected once.  The president will chair EU summits, drive forward the work of the EU Council of Ministers, facilitate cohesion and consensus, and represent the EU on the world stage.  BBC

Some of the smaller countries have come out against the election of former Prime Minister Tony Blair to the post.  Three nations in particular, Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands have voice their displeasure with Mr. Blair.  They believe, if elected, their interests would not be represented by such a high-profile president as Blair.  Daniel 7:24 says that three nations will oppose the future Antichrist.  Certainly, this could be a coincidence and by no means am I saying that Tony Blair will be the future Antichrist if elected.  It could be years down the road before the Antichrist comes on the scene.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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