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Syria urges French Mid-East role; Assad to Obama: Draw up Israel-Syria peace plan

Apparently, Syrian President Assad is looking to start back up mediated negotiations with Israel (through Turkey), but says that he has no peace partner at this time.  "If Mr. Netanyahu is serious, he can send a team of experts to Turkey. They can talk to us if they are really interested," insisted the Syrian president (  Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says he is eager to restart the stalled Syrian-Israel peace talks but he's not interested in just giving back the Golan Heights just for the sake of peace.  But reports are coming out that he could very well be ready to do just that.  

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is expected to deliver a message from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Syrian President Bashar Assad that expresses Israel's willingness to withdraw from the Golan Heights as part of a peace deal between the two countries, Arabic-language satellite TV channel Al Arabiya reported on Thursday.  The Prime Minister's bureau on Thursday denied the report.

It would not be surprising if Netanyahu did fold under pressure. This would be a major break in Middle East peace negotiations and would likely lead to the sooner than later creation of a Palestinian state.

The Syrian president is calling for the US President Obama to not just talk about peace but to come up with a concert plan of action.  "What Obama said about peace was a good thing. We agree with him on the principles, but as I said, what's the action plan (  But truth be told, he knows that this is the time to apply pressure on the US for a plan because the world community is growing weary of Israel's resistance and feel the opportunity for peace is about to be lost.  In my opinion, he's  not really that interested in making peace with Israel, but he would love for the US to either force Israel into a disastrous peace accord, or better yet, have them stomp away in frustration and wash their hands of Israel.  The US is the last real international friend Israel has and the only player standing in the way of blistering UN sanctions, the immediate creation and acceptance of a Palestinian state, and possibly a massive Islamic attack.  Of course, the Bible says that this attack will eventually take place led by Russia (Ezekiel 38 & 39).

Here's something that I find interesting regarding the upcoming EU appointments under the Lisbon Treaty.  Many EU officials are perplexed about the secretiveness of the nomination process for the  new EU posts... and in particular the presidency.  This could mean nothing, and certainly, I'm not ready to start some new conspiracy theory.  But it is very strange that a nomination process for a democratic bloc of nations as powerful as the EU would be described as "secretive" (EUObserver).  It will be very interesting to see who finally rises to the top as the first EU president.

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Terry Malone

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