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EU ready to endorse Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as capital

Israel's Ha'aretz daily newspaper reported on Tuesday that a resolution to be discussed and probably approved at a meeting of European Union foreign ministers next week calls for the establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of "Palestine," and grants recognition to a Palestinian state declared unilaterally outside the framework of a peace deal with Israel.

The controversial wording is being pushed by Sweden, though many EU representatives are believed to support it.  Israel Today

This is a major development in Bible prophecy, but not surprising.  If you are a regular reader of mine, you know I believe that US President Obama would eventually have to pull away from the Middle East peace process to focus his attention on pressing domestic issues at home.  At this time, I believe the US administration is in the beginning stages of a transition from a US lead Middle East peace process to a European Union lead process.  As stated in the lead article, the EU is ready to recognize a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as their capital.  This is a very big shift from previous EU positions.

Israel, in response to this declaration, has stated that such a move would damage the EU's credibility as a Middle East mediator.  It has also taken the peace process to a new point that has given the Palestinians the upper hand and a much needed endorsement from a very power global player.  

An explicit European endorsement of their claims to east Jerusalem would be a diplomatic victory for the Palestinians, backing the demand by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that an Israeli construction freeze in the West Bank must include east Jerusalem.

It also would mark a significant break with tradition. The Europeans have long said Jerusalem should be a shared capital, but that Israel and the Palestinians must jointly agree on that.

The dispute over east Jerusalem home to Jewish, Muslim and Christian holy sites is the most intractable issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  AP

Of course, the Bible says that Jerusalem would be a major stumbling block in the lasts days (Zechariah 12:2-3).  It's very interesting that the world agrees with this prophetic statement.

This is what I see for the near future.  Look for US President Obama to continue his absence from the Middle East peace process and for the EU to start moving into a more direct role.  I do not see the ME peace process being solved before the rapture of the church, but I do see the European Union positioning themselves better for when the Antichrist does rise.  When the rapture takes place, the Antichrist will rise to a lead role in the peace process.  US President Obama has made it clear that he is willing to allow other world leaders to step over him and take the lead in crucial foreign policy issues.  When the time comes for peace, the Antichrist will not yield to the US, but will bring peace.  At this time, and following the rapture of the church, I believe the US will be in a sharp decline as a global leader.  A new world order will definitely be in full swing. 

Keep your eyes open for what could be the beginning stages of a worldwide push for Middle East peace that may start with the European Union.  And if the US decides to follow suit, a forced peace could come fast.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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